Yin Yoga with Marianne offers all kinds of tools, tips and tricks. We not only offer Yin Yoga exercises, but also Meditation- and Breathing exercises to calm your body, mind and heart.


Breathe slowly

The easiest way to calm your heart is to breathe slowly. The slower you breathe, the less quickly your heart will move and the quieter you will feel in body, mind and heart.


Breathing exercises

Your breath is a great tool to use when feeling rushed, stressed and in distress. Use it and it really doesn’t matter where you are. I have tried most exercises myself whilst biking through town, whilst walking in the park and even on the bus. Try these breathing exercises that we created for you:


  1. Calm your anxiety. 
  2. Get a positive attitude.
  3. Get your head clear.
  4. Wake up.
  5. Get sleepy.
  6. Reduce your stress-level.
  7. Improve your lung-capacity.
  8. Breathe and meditate.
  9. Slow yourself down
  10. Practice the Yoga breath.
  11. Belly breathing for deep relaxation.
  12. Move your energy and feel whole again.


It truly works

Did you also think earlier, ‘Yes, right, and this works?’. I was also curious whether it truly works this way. Thus I went looking for some scientific proof and this is what I found. I am sure there is more research out there that states the same. According to Psychology Today breathing slowly, serves as a biologocal brake:


” The sum total of slow, deep breathing results in a relative increase in PSNS/”Brake” activity. And in a state of petroleum-fueled anxiety there is no better remedy than a biological brake. In fact, high PSNS/”Brake” tone has been associated with traithappiness, resilience in the face of stress, and childhood cognitive performance (6). So the next time someone tells you to take a deep breath, smile, breathe deep, and heed their wise advice”.


Rest & Digest

A biological brake? Yes, the slower you breathe, the more you activate your ParaSympathetic Nervous System (PSNS). This is your rest & digest system. This helps you cope with daily stresses. It makes you move from fight, flight and freeze (stress) into a more rested state where you can start digesting all daily impulses, challenges and stress.


State of relaxation

Someone once said to me that you want to be in a state of relaxation 80% of the time. How do we do that when we are constantly being challenged? Sit still, breathe!


Breathing tip

When focusing on your breath, you might feel that your mind is still racing. Let it be. It takes time for it to slow down too. Let your body calm down first, and then the mind will follow. Would you like to know some meditation exercises too? Great, combine the breathing and meditation exericses to calm your mind.


Enjoy it!


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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