Yin Yoga with Marianne offers all kinds of tools, tips and tricks. We not only offer Yin Yoga exercises, but also Meditation- and Breathing exercises to calm your body, mind and heart.


Practice slowly

Yin Yoga is perfect for when you’d like to practice Yoga, but when you want to allow yourself to be lazy at the same time. I promise you: it is a Yoga work-out without any sweat!


Rest & digest

I love doing Yin Yoga, because it allows me to rest & digest from all daily sounds, impulses and their effects and at the same time I don’t really have to do much. I let my body do the work ;)!


Yoga poses

How? I put myself into all kinds of weird looking Yoga poses with sometimes crazy, weird and funny names and then the pose will do the work for me. How? Read about it in the blog on: Yin Yoga Online which gives you answers to all of your ‘Why is that?’- Yoga questions.


Yoga Routines

We have created some Yoga Routines for you:



Yoga Posture Basics

You can also create your own Yoga routine. Learn how to do the individual Yoga Poses. Once you have done one pose, write down how this one helped you. Thus keep a Yoga Diary for notes on the Yoga poses. Next time when you practice, do these poses in an order that is most useful for you. Have fun exploring!



Yoga Playlists

To support you with creating your own Yoga routine, we have grouped some of the Yoga Posture Basics Videos into Yoga Playlists. We have focused on putting poses together that target a similar muscle group or body part.


Let’s look at Yoga poses from tip to toe or the other way around ;). Let’s start at the feet and work our way up!



Yoga tip

You always want to move slowly in and out of the pose and for the Yin Yoga Pose ot have any effect, you will need to stay in a pose for several minutes. Are you new to this? Stay in a pose for perhaps one minute and then  gradually as you start practicing more and more, try staying in a pose for 3-8 minutes.



Enjoy it!


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


Yin Yoga with Marianne

Join us online: Yin Yoga with Marianne.
Watch the short promo on YouTube: Yin Yoga with Marianne.
Read the blog ‘Yin Yoga Online’ with all necessary links to useful YouTube videos.
Read the blog ‘Do It Yourself’ and find out why I believe you can do Yin Yoga anywhere, anytime.

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