How do you become your own best teacher? Let us guide you in learning how to practice Yin Yoga on your own, anywhere, anytime and at your own pace. This way you can become a Do-It-Yourself Yogi (DIY Yogi) and in time you will guide yourself and become your own best teacher.


Online Yoga classes

We figured it was time to start our own YouTube channel to spread the knowledge of Yin Yoga. As a result you have access to videos containing guidance and exercises which you can check out whenever and wherever you’d like. In addition, we can spread our Yoga message of how to become a Do-It-Yourself Yogi (DIY) to a wider audience. We support you in becoming and staying flexible, healthy and happy in body, mind and heart.


Yoga Trailer

Check our Yoga Trailer. It introduces you to our YouTube channel ‘Yin Yoga with Marianne‘.


Yoga Videos

All our online Yoga videos are accessible for all levels and ages. Check our quick and easy videos on:



What do we have to offer?

Here is a short list of the things that you can expect to receive:


  • Quick and easy exercises
  • All levels and ages
  • Clear instructions
  • Certified instructor
  • Soothing voice
  • Quiet presence
  • High Quality Material
  • High Definition Videos (4K)


Join us

Are you ready to get flexible, to slow down and to let things be? Join us.
Join us on YouTube and become our co-creator too.
Be part of the Yin Yoga Do-It-Yourself community.


Would you like to know more about Yin Yoga?

Check out our useful blogs on Online Yoga to learn more about Yin Yoga.


Become a Do-It-Yourself Yogi and create true freedom. Practice anywhere, anytime and at your own pace.

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