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We do want to make sure we are comfortable and supported when we are doing our Yin Yoga practice, so yes, props can be handy. But … Yin Yoga can be done anywhere, anytime and by anybody and I am sure that wherever you practice, you can turn ‘stuff’ into ‘Yoga props.’


Be creative

How? Yoga can really be done anywhere. I have practiced on an airbed in the shade of a tree and even on a towel on a Greek stone beach. Yes, I love practicing on the beach, and a sandy beach is of course preferable. You can use a towel, but the sand basically is enough. Mmm how? Well, the sand can be turned into all kinds of Yoga props, isn’t it? Sounds silly? Yes and no, having all kinds of Yoga props is great. Do you have them? Use them. If not, be creative and resourceful.


Props Yoga

So when practicing Yin Yoga and getting comfortable and all; what Yoga props would you ideally like to use?


  • Yoga mat (… a blanket, towel, scarf, rug or carpet can also serve as a Yoga mat)
  • Towel (… can serve as your Yoga mat, pillow, blanket or it can be used as padding)
  • Blanket (… can serve as your Yoga mat, pillow or it can be used as padding)
  • Pillows ( … these can serve as your meditation cushion, bolster or they can be used as padding)
  • Scarf (… can serve as your Yoga mat, Yoga belt, pillow, eye pillow, blanket or it can be used as padding)
  • Eye pillow (….for during the relaxation at the end of your practice)
  • Warm clothes


Get comfortable

But above all, whether you are practicing indoors or outdoors:
Make sure you are warm and get comfortable and off you go!


Yoga poses

Warm? Yes, in a Yin Yoga practice we hold Yoga poses for 3-8 minutes and when we sit still, we can get cold. Make sure it is at least 20 degrees, preferably 24. I sometimes practice wearing lots of layers of clothes, a scarf around my upper back and a cosy hat on my head. Warm, comfortable and cosy, that’s how I like it!


THUS … Yoga props? I would say practice, practice, practice and be creative and resourceful. Also when it comes down to the Yoga poses. Experiment, use what’s available and have some Yin Yoga fun!


What do you think?

Yes, you can be creative and resourceful!


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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