I, Marianne (co-founder of Yin Yoga with Marianne) have always had BIG dreams and most of the time I made them come true. Yin Yoga with Marianne is one of those wishes. We, my brother Wouter de Kuyper from DocuMedia and I, started working on our YouTube channel in March 2016. We are determined to get ALL of our plans off the ground in 2017. Yin Yoga with Marianne is just the start. We have even bigger dreams and we would like to create even more videos for online education!


Yin Yoga with Marianne is our YouTube channel and
we have posted FREE videos for almost a whole year already.
That is our GIFT to you!’.

Yin Yoga with Marianne

Yin Yoga with Marianne is our YouTube channel and we have posted FREE videos for almost a whole year already. That is our GIFT to you. After March 2017 we have no more videos to post. This makes us very sad. But this can be solved. It is easy too. We need your financial support to be able to continue.


Teaching Yoga

I, Marianne, taught both nationally and internationally at gyms, health clubs and Yoga studios. I also taught outdoor Yoga classes, in rented spaces, and I even ran my own studio for 9 months. How did I get started as a Yoga teacher? In 2010 I was looking for a new direction and profession and signed myself up for my first Yoga Teacher Training. When I taught my exam class I was astonished by their response, because they told me: ‘Marianne you ARE a teacher, you are more than ready, please go and teach!’ . So I started teaching Yoga and I have been doing it almost full time since 2010.


Online education

Now I am ready for the next step and taking it one step up too: Online education. Why? I would like to address a wider audience and let you benefit from the teachings I have had. How did all of this start? My brother, who is a film director, had offered to create a trailer of my Yoga work for future job applications. Well, that initial plan kind of got out of hand. We planned a trip to Ibiza to combine work & pleasure. Even though I had never been in front of a camera before I felt I should give it a shot. It went so well that we decided to film more than just the trailer during our stay on Ibiza.


Yoga on Ibiza

Once we set up the camera and started filming Yoga on Ibiza, we just kept on going. Once we got back home, we worked hard to put all of it online and decided to keep on working on our project. We really wanted to see whether viewers would like our work. Of course, we also enjoyed working together a great deal. So much even, that when we talked about the project for hours, we decided to arrange a second location and film more videos. The result? By the first of March 2017 we will have 77 single-shot videos on YouTube.


Even bigger dreams

We like dreaming BIG and we have even bigger dreams. The more you support us, the better we can get at supporting you. We can then keep on studying and practicing and we can keep on sharing our experiences with you in an easy and relaxed manner with quick and accessible exercises. So that would mean more useful online blogs & videos on Yin Yoga, Meditation, Breathing and Personal Development & Growth!


Let the beauty of what you love,
be what you do’, Rumi.

Love what you do

Our thought behind the work we do in the world? We believe that we when we ALL do what we are best at, we will ALL feel happier. This will then have a positive impact on our direct environment, because the happier we are, the happier people around us will be. The Result? We will ALL live in a happier world. That is what we as a team believe in. Therefore we are hoping that one day soon we can give up on our daytime job, and dedicate 100 % of our time to the business that we created: Yin Yoga with Marianne on YouTube + Yinyogawithmarianne.com.


Weekly videos

The more people join us, the quicker we can start filming again. The sooner we start filming, the sooner will you be able to be guided by us in learning how to do Yin Yoga on your own. How? With weekly videos (and possibly an online course) that will give you the tools that you can benefit from for the rest of your life!


‘This will truly guide you the rest of your life
to a life of flexibility, health and happiness’.


We promise you that after a while you will be your own best teacher and not even need our guidance anymore. You will know how to apply Yin Yoga and all the others tools yourself (DIY). This will truly guide you the rest of your life to a life of flexibility, health and happiness.


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


Yin Yoga with Marianne

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