Many times I have been able to make my wishes come true. Even though it sometimes meant asking for support or guidance from others. Just like with this website and all the activities that I offer. My path has shown me again and again that everything starts with a vague wish of wanting to change things. Whatever I wished for, I managed to achieve it by taking steps in that direction. Read on and make a wish come true for you too!


How to achieve what we wish for?

How I did it? Whenever I felt blocked, I took action to discover the pattern behind the issue. Like with my voice. I used to be without my voice for days. Now I know, after having had speech therapy for a full year when I was 29, that I had lost my inner voice completely. I had forgotten my right to speak up and didn’t act upon it. It made me think about: ‘How to achieve what we wish for?’, because clearly I also had to make the necessary changes.


Speak up

When I realised I had lost my inner voice I knew I had to start making the necessary changes. I needed to quit my job, needed to move to another city and I needed to start finding a place that would feel right or I would forever struggle with my voice. So I did all that! And above all; I had to speak up!


Come home

I know from experience that ignoring my desires means literally losing my voice. I found it back, my inner voice and my real voice, by finding and using the necessary tools from different kinds of therapy that I followed throughout the years. Also by choosing a life I was longing for and making this possible with courage, determination and patience. I managed to find my true voice back and I managed to come ‘home’.


Quiet presence

Now my voice is my strength and people love coming to my Yoga classes because of it. They have shared with me that my voice is calming and soothing and that my gentle, loving and sincere approach is what makes them appreciate my work in the world. Like a student once said: ‘Even if you had asked me to knit, I would have done it. It was your quiet presence why I mainly came to your classes‘. This is coming from a guy!


Yoga instructor

I now use my voice to guide you and work as a Yoga instructor and Writer to guide you. I love guiding you in becoming and staying physically, emotionally and mentally healthy by using the tools of Yoga-, Breathing-, Meditation- and Self-Coaching exercises. How? Through Online Yoga classes and Blogs.


‘I often believe I could call myself a Listen Buddy,
but like a friend pointed out to me: “You are a Yoga coach!” … ‘

Yoga coach

Having lost my voice many times and having a quiet nature, also made me a good listener. InYoga this is a skill you need and that can be learned. I often believe I could call myself a Listen Buddy, but like a friend pointed out to me: ‘You are a Yoga coach!’. Wonderful, because that sums up all that I do!


Make a wish come true

I hope my story and all the other motivational stories on this website can inspire you to get up and move and not only in a Yoga kind of way. I also hope that all my blogs on Yoga and Personal Development can give you the guidance to design your LIFE yourself, thus Do It Yourself (DIY) and use the provided tools to become flexible, healthy and happy in body, mind and heart! <3.


Thus Go, Go, Go, take some time for yourself, do the Yoga work, Meditations and Breathing Exercises and read the Blogs and let it guide you on your path and make a wish come true, your wish!


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


Yin Yoga with Marianne

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