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You can of course fund us by becoming our co-creator and/or choose to hire us. Why hire us? Our crew has a backpack full of skills. Perhaps you can use one of them. Let’s see what we can offer you.



We would all love to share our skills with you.

Marianne de Kuyper | Yoga instructor and writer

Marianne also calls herself a ‘Change maker’. When she likes something, she pursues it. Whatever it is, she makes it happen. She knows what it takes to re-invent and re-discover yourself again and again. She uses the tools of Yin Yoga and Personal Development to connect to her longings and desires in order to set course. She can guide you on your path and support you in making things happen.

Wouter de Kuyper | Film director

Are you looking for someone who can capture your story in a creative and powerful way? Wouter de Kuyper creates high quality videos. It is his passion to tell true stories that matter and that have an impact on the world. He and his partner from DocuMedia love inspiring and uniting people through the documentaries and films that they create.

Bram van den Reijen | Author and editor

Did you ever wish someone could put all of your thoughts on paper? Bram van den Reijen does this with ease. He has a background in journalism, copywriting and literary analysis and is currently writing an autobiography. Together with Marianne he is writing the Personal Growth blogs for Yin Yoga with Marianne. He edits all of our texts. His style of writing? Energetic, insightful, and with humour. He would love to guide you in sharing your message through written stories.

Our Team

What does our team have in common? We all believe we are happiest when we do what we are good at. We also believe work can be seen as playing. We ‘play’ when we have the energy and inspiration and we rest when we need a break. This way we created a team that values freedom, independence and our individual talents.


Work Together

We would love to work together with more and other skilful people, and who wouldn’t? We are pretty talented too, if we may say so. Let’s connect and make a plan; your plan. What would you like to change and achieve? Come on; give it your best shot. We are curious and waiting. You can contact us at


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Yin Yoga with Marianne

Slow yourself down in a world full of impulses and sounds and relieve yourself from daily stress.

How to slow down?
Simply take a break
and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch.
Breathe. Continue.

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