Thank You

When I go running in the park, ideas just keep on flowing into my head. Sometimes I wish my brain was able to send all these thoughts straight to the PC, so that by the time I come home from a run, TA DA the whole plan is on paper. Well, unfortunately it doesn’t work this way and I had to draw the conclusion that I need the help of others to make my plans work. Therefore I would like to say THANK YOU to these skilful souls on this page.


Creative Collaborations

In steps, and by allowing myself some time off work too, I have been able to create all that I wanted due to creative collaborations with some great skilful souls. Thank you wonderful souls for sharing your skills with me and making the plans come true. Thank you team for working together with me!


Skilful Souls

First of all I’d like to thank ourselves, because you need to thank yourself too from time to time ;)!


  • Wouter de Kuyper from DocuMedia for creating high quality Yoga videos with me and being the co-founder of this adventure.
  • Bram van den Reijen for writing and editing all the wonderful texts and coaching blogs with me.
  • Esther Pronker for her work as our project manager and keeping us moving in the right direction.
  • Myself, Marianne de Kuyper for putting in the 10.000 hours of practice in Yoga and Personal Development in order to make ‘Yin Yoga with Marianne’ possible.


Thank You

Now … I am also thankful for the support of these skilful souls. Thank you too for all your support.


  • Librestock‘s & Pexel‘s photographers around the world for sharing your images with us for our blogs.
  • Search Kings for training me in a world that was unknown to me; SEO and Web design.
  • Charlotte de Romijn for proof-reading my profile text ‘Marianne’.
  • Sara Schouten for training me outside her office-hours in Yoga & Anatomy and for taking my headshot.
  • José de Groot for teaching me that all our bodies are truly different.
  • Erica Jago for showing me that dreaming big truly works.
  • Max Strom for showing me what it means to be truly calm, compassionate and respectful.
  • James Higgins for guiding me in finding more silence within.


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Yin Yoga with Marianne

Slow yourself down in a world full of impulses and sounds and relieve yourself from daily stress.

How to slow down?
Simply take a break
and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch.
Breathe. Continue.

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