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Yoga Rituals Poster

Let this poster on Yoga Rituals Poster guide you when familiarizing yourself with ways of to deepen the beginning and end of your practice. Use the ideas provided to find a ritual that suits you. Enjoy your practice!


Yoga Rituals © Yin Yoga with Marianne

Yoga Poses Manual

Let this Yoga Poses Manual on ‘Yoga poses by Anatomy‘ guide you when familiarizing yourself with various Yin Yoga Poses. Use the links provided to videos on Yin Yoga with Marianne’s YouTube channel. Watch & learn how you can do these Yin Yoga poses yourself. Enjoy your practice!


Toe to Crown #1 COMPLETE GUIDE © Yin Yoga with Marianne

YinYasa Practice Poster

Let this poster on YinYasa Practice Poster guide you during your Yoga practice. This amazingly useful and in-depth poster is based on 8 years of teaching Vinyasa- and Yin Yoga to groups and individuals. I have put a lot of work and thought into it and I hope you will use the sequence provided for your daily practice to find a routine and rhythm that your body, mind, heart and spirit will hugely benefit from. Enjoy your practice!


YinYasa Practice © Yin Yoga with Marianne

Yoga Self-Inquiry Manual

Let this Yoga Self-Inquiry Manual guide you. Get to know yourself better by asking yourself all kinds of self-inquiry questions that are linked to Nature’s elements. Use these elements to look at life from different perspectives and find out what’s alive in you and what’s present in you. Learn how you can take better care of yourself. Listen to the answers inside of you and act up on it. Enjoy!


Yoga & Nature’s elements #1 COMPLETE GUIDE © Yin Yoga with Marianne


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Yin Yoga: slow yourself down. Calm and balance yourself. Stay flexible, healthy and happy in body, mind and heart in a world full of impulses and sounds.

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