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Calming, with great advice, probing questions for self inquiry

“I had a coaching sessions with Marianne – how to be a healthy yoga teacher? Her warm, kind presence allowed me to express and open up, to be honest with myself and to answer her questions. She is so calming, with great advice, probing questions for self inquiry. We did a short guided meditation too – which I just connected with her soothing, calm voice straight away! I learnt so much from her coaching session (a lot about boundaries as a yoga teacher). The tools and words of advice she gave has improved my emotional intelligence/awareness and allowed me to mirror that in my personal life. Thank you for your kind, warm energy, words of wisdom that I’ll take with me forever!”, Rosanne Goh.


Peaceful appearance

“Marianne is an excellent Yoga teacher with a really clear explanation and a really peaceful appearance. With her classes she actually encouraged me to do a Yoga teacher training myself. You should definitely try out a class with her!”, Ike Dielesen.


Authentic way of teaching

“Marianne has been one of my few and favourite Yoga teachers for the past 4 years. She has organized many different kinds of classes and workshops in many forms which shows her creativity as a Yoga teacher. What I enjoy most about her classes is her authentic way of teaching: she is able to comfort students with her calming voice and knows a lot about human anatomy, which makes her capable to explain about some background on the poses and make adjustments where necessary. Her Yin yoga classes are a treat for my body in combination with strength training, running and hatha yoga. Marianne’s approach is to stimulate students to also become a DIY yogi(ni). She facilitates students to also practice at home through her beautiful Youtube channel and also through a special DIY course I followed last year. I love this extra feature to her classes!”, Blanca Wennekes.


Quiet and soothing

Marianne teaches excellent Yin Yoga classes. Her voice is quiet and soothing. She explains all exercises clearly and guides you individually too, even in a group class. She has sufficient and appropriate anatomical knowledge and she knows how you need to adjust the Yin Yoga pose in order to get all the benefits of the pose. She gives variations to exercises for people with injuries, hypermobile joints or for the less mobile people amongst us. At the end of her classes I feel peaceful and relaxed and I experience a less busy mind. I advise everybody to take her classes”, Sara Schouten.


It changed our lives

Marianne introduced us to Yoga and it changed our lives! On a weekly basis she guides us through our Vinyasa sequence in a stimulating and enthusiastic way. She taught us to do the sequence on our own, and we do it. But it’s just not quite the same. When she’s there, she makes us push just a little bit further and most important, we laugh a lot! Marianne, Thank you, we owe you big time!”, Remko and Rogier.


Open, clear and loving

We were blessed to have Marianne and her lovely partner Hugo stay for a weekend at our Wild Spirit Backpackers. Marianne taught 3 classes while she was with us, and we were sorry to not have more time with her! Her style is gentle, but strong – thoughtful, but playful. Her spoken instructions were simple, clear and well-articulated, and the power of her own personal practice filled the studio with tangible energy. Her experience as a teacher and practitioner of Yoga was obvious – she led the classes with confident but unassuming authority and a flow which was graceful, holistic, and full of integrity. Her choice of poses were in alignment with the level of experience of her students, and she never failed to marry breath with posture – a clear indication of a teacher who understands the essence of Yoga as a union between body, mind and spirit. In conversation with her she shared solid advice based on both personal experience and years of researching a variety of styles. Her nature is open, clear and loving, and she holds a commanding space, in the presence of which one feels safe and confident to explore the nuances of what it means to be a human ‘being’. A true teacher. Do not miss her classes! Namaste”, Olivia Lawrence.


Grounded, inspiring, spiritual

I was fortunate enough to be a student of Marianne during the three months she was giving vinyasa and yin Yoga classes here in Tofo, Mozambique. Marianne is a grounded, inspiring, spiritual, and what I appreciated the most on her; very open minded teacher. She gives clear instructions how to get into a pose and explains well how each pose can benefit you. On top on that she gives individual advises and variations to each student. She concentrates on a different spiritual subject and body part in each lesson which makes every lesson unique. She taught me a lot of breath work and moving mediation and I’m enormously grateful I could experience her teaching!”, Stefanie Barnett.


Thank You

Thank you Yogi’s for having taken my classes and thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are more than grateful!


Share Your Review

You can share your review by adding one to our Facebook page. We are sending you a BIG thank you in advance.


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