‘Yin Yoga with Marianne’ is a YouTube channel with online Yin Yoga videos. What can you expect from us? Yin Yoga tutorials, instructional videos and Yin Yoga classes. What to expect from me as a teacher? It is just like a student once said: ‘Marianne has a voice as tranquil as a lake and as sweet as honey’. This blog is on how it all started!


Tranquil voice

Some other students and teachers also expressed that I should do something with my tranquil voice. Well, a solution to let you experience that, is by offering you Yin Yoga classes online!


That is why I started: ‘Yin Yoga with Marianne’. And my brother, with whom I collaborate, to offer you Yin Yoga videos, can’t wait to shoot the next videos. As he said it: ‘If they hear your voice, they can’t do anything else but … RELAX!’.


Sweet as honey

I find the descriptions ‘as tranquil as a lake’ and ‘as sweet as honey’ just beautiful. Only the funny part is that when I was younger I regularly took speech therapy. Really? Yes, really! I spoke so softly, it was almost like I was whispering and I also hardly spoke. So it was rare to hear my voice at all and now it is online. Yes, I have come a long way. Isn’t it awesome? My voice was once my pitfall so to speak and now it is one of my qualities.


Yoga videos

So, yes Yoga videos. I can’t believe I dared to take up this challenge, but I am glad I did it. Just like teaching. I never thought I would dare to teach and from what I know now, I am pretty damn good at it. Yes, we are allowed to compliment ourselves. I’ve taught English, worked as a Student Counsellor and I have worked as a Yin Yoga teacher since 2010 and I love teaching and guiding you.


‘If you’d like to move forward, get OUT of your comfort zone!”.


Yoga online

I love offering you a tranquil space that allows you to apply the tools of Yin Yoga yourself. I teach Yin Yoga in real life, and I am based in Amsterdam and I now teach Yoga online too! I never thought I would do this. BUT … I came across a talk on business success a while ago and it said: ‘If you’d like to move forward, get OUT of your comfort zone!”.


Do It Yourself Yin Yogis

Thus … I recorded Yin Yoga videos with my brother Wouter de Kuyper from DocuMedia. This was and still is my personal challenge and YES, I am definitely out of my comfort zone. It is – Oh So exciting  – and  – Oh so vulnerable – and also hopefully – Oh so helpful for the Do-It-Yourself Yin Yogis out there!


You can see these Yoga videos on YouTube, so that you can become a Do It Yourself Yin Yogi and … DO send me your feedback. That will get me even more out of that comfort zone, but it will help me grow as a teacher!


Oh …. let’s only make a promise: take up a personal challenge too. Get out of your comfort zone too and allow yourself to grow!


Good luck!


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


Yin Yoga with Marianne

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