Super Change Champion is platform that I, Marianne de Kuyper from ‘Yin Yoga with Marianne’, am working on and that can soon be used by you. On this platform you will find various online courses to become a Super Change Champion. You can follow multiple courses at any time that suits you. By doing these ‘Super Change Champion’ courses you will learn how to tap into your inner strength and wisdom on how to deal with change and let change do wonders in your life.



“I see ‘dealing with change‘ as a welcoming skill. You too can use this skill as your Magic Wand to move to a situation of Magic Want to best guide yourself towards a life of flexibility and happiness”.


Dream Team

I, Marianne know what it is like to change studies, houses, jobs, cities and/or countries. I have done it many times and started to appreciate and love change. I see ‘dealing with change‘ as a welcoming skill. You too can use this skill as your Magic Wand to move to a situation of Magic Want to best guide yourself towards a life of flexibility and happiness. My background as an entrepreneur, language teacher, student counsellor, Yoga instructor and writer has supported me to where I am today and I’d like to share what I have learnt with you via


I am also honoured to be working with Lisa Ottevanger and she is part of the dream team for Lisa and I have known each other ever since we started YogaBite in 2010. We gave YogaBite workshops that combined various Yoga styles in just one Yoga class. Lisa is thé person to design Superchangechampion. She has a Yogic calm and will make sure that the courses are designed to make a difference & that they will stand out. No matter what your background is, age or gender, we are going to make sure that you will love spending time on


Super Champion

Why be(come) a Super Change Champion? Well, don’t we all want to be good at what we do, like a champion? Don’t we all want to be even better than ‘just good’ at what we do? I believe we all want to excel: achieve a level higher than another with what we do. We all want to be a SUPER change champion, no matter how ‘young’ or ‘old’ we are, just because it makes us feel happy and fulfilled.


Change Champion

Now why a Change champion? I know it is very cliché, but the only thing in life that is constant, is CHANGE. Let’s for example look at our body: “Your body is constantly replacing old cells with new ones at the rate of millions per second. By the time you finish reading this sentence, 50 million of your cells will have died and been replaced by others”, according to Who Am I Sciene UK. I will not continue talking about change in the body, but it is just to point out that change happens constantly. Even when we are not fully aware of it.


Online learning platform

I therefore prefer focusing on change that you can be aware of and I love supporting you during the process of change with my online learning platform that I am currently building. I have always believed that when you have a wish or a dream, that you can take action and move forward on your path towards that dream. Once you start taking steps towards living your dream, you will become friends with change. I know that only when you dare to take steps and make choices that you can and will move forward in the direction you wish things to go. My life, my business, my projects and how I live my life is proof of that. I am free, I am independent and I work (= play) when I want to and I rest (= sleep, do Yoga, go hiking, read…) when I need to nourish myself. I also travel to places where I want to be, so I can live and work from those places: Amsterdam, Cape Town and places in Spain.


Taking steps

How to move forward? How can you start taking steps towards living your dream?


  • It starts with having a wish. Often a wish to change things for the better.
  • That wish turns into an intention to do something with this desire to change a situation for example.
  • That wish and intention will become clearer the more you think about it and will turn into a dream.
  • That dream will become your main goal.
  • You will then have to break it down into sub-goals.
  • You will then know the steps you need to take. Your plan is ready.
  • What else? Do it. Take these steps.


Super Change Champion

We are working on the online learning platform at the moment. SOON this platform will be online with all kinds of courses that focus on change. We are not yet telling which ones. We would like to keep it as a surprise and not spoil the competition, but we are sure that you can guess the first one though: Become a Super Change Champion!. There will also be an extra version of that course for the Selective Sound Sensitive (Misophonia) people just like me!


Sign Up

We will send you an e-mail as soon as the online learning platform is online. Sign Up for our mailing list and also be among the first ones to get the first course for a super friendly price.



How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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