I would like to take you on a journey of self-discovery and I will do that by offering you an online learning platform under the name of Super Change Champion. It is my new project (Summer 2018), so that Yin Yoga with Marianne offers you everything that has to do with Yin Yoga and everything on Personal Development will soon be available on my new platform that currently is being developed: Superchangechampion.com. Just as easy!


Personal Growth

The blogs with self-coaching exercises on personal growth that used to be on Yinyogawithmarianne.com are now being turned into online learning courses to give you a change of perspective on various themes in life: spiritual development, personal growth, health & vitality, fun & adventure, work & life mission, financial flow, family & friends and intimate relationships.



Would you like to know what you can expect from the e-courses that I am developing for you? Read on. Below you find the first e-mail and session of the mini-course on how to become a Super Change Champion. Sign up for my ‘Super Change Champion’ newsletter to stay tuned and hear when the course is online, so you can buy the mini (short) or full course that is based on the topic of ‘Change’.



Below you will find an example of the first session of my new course on my soon-to-be-live new platform: Superchangechampion.com.


[Beginning example e-course]

Super Change Champion

Welcome to Day #1 of this mini Super Change Champion course. I am very happy that you are here.


Signing up for this mini-course shows me that you are ready to move forward on your path, to create a change of perspective and that you are ready to make some changes in your life. I am here with you and I am looking forward to guiding you here.


In an ideal world our lives would be perfect, right? Only all the ups and downs make us feel alive, don’t they? Only when we know the lows, can we feel the ups.


Knowing how to deal with changes in your life and knowing how to invite them into your life, you can create a life that aligns your wishes, intentions, dreams and goals with your life’s principles and values. You will then feel whole, alive and life will feel 99% perfect.


Change affects every area of our lives. That is why I am offering you a framework, call it a ‘blueprint’ to acknowledge how changes in the past have brought you to where you are today. Your past accomplishments create a jumping board for your near future steps to a more desirable outcome and I believe that these accomplishments need to be acknowledged and celebrated.


What is my personal background and how can I support you? The recurring theme in my CV is teaching. Teaching to me means setting the space for people to learn and grow as a person. I have a background in Communication on Strategic Change Management, I taught English to (young) adults, I wrote English language and study course materials and I worked as a guidance counsellor. I also have been teaching Yoga since 2010 and I have (co-) founded several Yoga related online platforms.


My personal process of coaching and personal development started when I was 20 years old. I am 40 now (2018). I know what it feels like to be coached and to have therapy. I am also being coached at the moment and I see it as an ongoing and very important process to keep on growing as a person. I have followed cognitive therapy, psychotherapy and haptonamy (hapto-therapy) and I know what it feels like to be dealing with challenges like depression, burn-out, fear of failure, fear of losing someone and being assertive. The therapies and coaching sessions have supported me immensely and allowed me to start trusting myself more. I have grown so much and I feel like learning more and more. I also wish the same to you; continuous personal growth towards more self-trust and self-love.


What makes my approach special? It is a unique approach simply because it is mine. We are all unique and we all have our own path to follow. The blueprint that I will be sharing with you, was given to me by a coach once and I have been fine-tuning it over the years. It has worked for me again and again and it might also work for you.


Today, I’ll introduce you to the most important 12 steps of my full course (Easy Breezy).  We will move from knowing your current position on the ‘map of life’ to celebrations and on to planning your dream life and enjoying the flow.


The current mini-course gets you going in the right direction for sure. It is an ‘Easy Pace’ course.  All my courses give you the opportunity to work on a specific topic in 12 steps and all courses have the same lay-out to make you feel ‘at home.


Over the next 12 days, you’ll receive mini-steps that you can start implementing right away to begin flowing through changes and life with much more ease.  It is easy peasy really!


This mini-course is an introduction to my work. It is my gift to you. Would you like  to receive more guidance? Try the full course with an introduction to each topic, exercises, tips and with useful printable hand-outs. You can get it HERE (link will be online when the platform is live :)!


There are no easy fixes. However, with patience, determination and perseverance I got a long way and I know you will too. If you like the 12 day mini-course, you will love the full course.  Check it HERE (link will be online when the platform is live :)!


Would you like more support? The full course offers you much more guidance than the mini-course as we will take more time to look in depth at all of the necessary steps towards setting and reaching goals. In case you wish to change now, you can. You only pay the difference between the two courses. Go HERE (link will be online when the platform is live :)!


Are you ready to become a Super Something Champion?
Let’s see. Answer these questions below.


  • Would you like to know what your true calling is?
  • Would you like to find out what your talents are?
  • Would you like to know the value of all of your past actions?
  • Would you like your life to reflect your true self?
  • Would you like to let your life match your talents, expertise and dreams?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are so ready to start taking the steps that I have prepared for you. How will I support you here? … Read on!


You will take 14 steps with me on this mini-course to becoming a Super Change Champion:

  1. Introduction.
  2. You Are Here Now.
  3. It Is All About You.
  4. Talents & Pitfalls.
  5. Energize Yourself.
  6. Energy Givers.
  7. Power Statements.
  8. Gratitude Journal.
  9. Dreaming Big.
  10. Get On Your Soapbox.
  11. Doubts & Hurdles.
  12. Plan Your Dream Life.
  13. Keep On Flowing.
  14. Follow up!


It is a process and it is never completely finished. I think it is easiest to do the course in the order that I created for you. However once you have received all of the steps, you can keep on going back the most needed step. It is what I call a ‘living document’. This means that you can keep on adding answers and keep on writing down your thoughts per step.


It is about engaging with it again and again and making this process part of your daily life, as it is about your life. Also since it is a process, your subconscious mind will even be giving your answers whilst you are not busy with a question. By starting this process, you will be putting your goals at the back of your mind and you will be given answers by your own mind when least expected. For example at any random moment in your day when you are doing something else. Listen to these signs too ;)!


TODAY: What is the reason you are doing this course?
Please answer the next question for yourself:


  • What would you like the whole process of the 12 steps to be about?
  • Or in other words, what would you like to have found out by the end of the 12 steps?


TIP: Write down your answers in a note book.


Give it some thought. I will ‘talk’ to you tomorrow … !


Would you like to share your thoughts with me?  E-mail me.


Go at an easy pace. Enjoy the process of changing your perspective and inviting change into your life. You decide when you move on to the next step. Just click on the link of the appropriate step in your course-overview (link will be online when the platform is live :)!


I look forward to hearing from you and do champion on!

With love and care,

Marianne de Kuyper


P. S. This email from Day 1 is longer than the next ones. It is a promise. Next e-mails are going to be short to keep it easy peasy and remember, you can do it at an easy pace. Your pace. Stay tuned!


P.S. Get a Notebook. This is going to be your book for all of your notes during the course. Carry it everywhere with you, so when answers pop up, you can note them down. Write on paper and not on a PC. It is much more powerful as the hand- and eye coordination is said to spark creativity!

[Beginning example e-course]


Online learning platform

Would you like to take an online course with me? This example session (blog) is soon going to be part of an online learning platform that currently is being built: Superchangechampion.com. As soon as the e-courses are online, you will hear from us. Let us know you are interested and sign up for the newsletter <3.


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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I am a native Dutch Speaker, and a near-native English speaker; so forgive me for any language mistakes. I love learning, so teach me. Feedback is welcome: info@yinyogawithmarianne.com.

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