My name is Marianne de Kuyper and I am the founder of ‘Yin Yoga with Marianne’. My goal? To support you with videos and blogs on Yoga, Breathing, Meditation and Coaching to relieve yourself from daily stress caused by the constant flow of impulses and sounds. My natural remedy to relieve stress is to slow down. One way of doing that is practicing Yin Yoga.



I live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and I often teach Yoga abroad. I started with Yoga when I was eighteen and I like finding a balance between activating and relaxing my body by alternating the more active Yang Yoga styles (Vinyasa Yoga) with a more meditative Yin Yoga practice (Yin Yoga) to give my whole body a good workout.


Certified Yoga Teacher

I have worked as a certified Yoga teacher since 2010 and I follow yearly training sessions and workshops with various teachers to keep on receiving inspiration and knowledge. José de Groot, David Swenson, Sarah Powers, Erica Jago, James Higgins and Max Strom have definitely inspired my work and my own practice. What have they taught me? That kindness, compassion and acting from the heart should be a daily practice.


Teacher Training

Are you a number’s person? I have followed more than 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings and I followed about 500 hours of workshops. That adds up to at least 1000 hours of Yoga Teacher Education. In addition, I am always studying at home and occasionally I take a course to expand my knowledge.


International Experience

I have taught over 2500 hours of Yoga classes at various well-known Yoga studios and health clubs in Amsterdam and abroad in Mozambique and South Africa. This number of hours is of course constantly changing ;)!


Yin Yang

Am I hooked to Yoga? Yes, I just love being able to practice anywhere and anytime. All I need is a small space, a Yoga mat and my own body. Oh yes, perhaps some good piano tunes. I also just do what feels right. This way I balance the Yin and Yang aspects of life as best as I can.


I love …

Yes, I love my husband of course, the beach, the ocean, going for massages, floating, going for long walks, reading and, oh yes, writing.



Writing is also a kind of Yoga for me. I write daily and when I’m inspired the words just flow onto paper and voila, another blog is posted. The words for the blogs just flow through me. That is also why I started another project (business) to share all that bubbles up inside of me. Check Super Change Champion to find out more.


Highly Sensitive Person

I, as a creative Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) spirit, like creating a life that suits my calm, quiet and highly sensitive nature in the best possible way. Being free and independent and living a simple life is therefore very important to me. A life that allows me to day dream, to follow the impulses of my creative spirit and to travel abroad from time to time. Oh and yes, I like going slowly!


Sound Sensitivity

An important question that I have had on my mind for a long time due to my HSP spirit time is: “What can we do to live a flexible, healthy and happy life in a world full of sounds?”. Do check my blogs on Dealing with Sound Sensitivity to find some answers.


Why these blogs? I am on a quest myself to move from being triggered by certain sounds to loving sounds again. It is my personal challenge to find a way to deal with the constant flow of impulses, sounds and their effects. These blogs are an honest, vulnerable and courageous report of my personal journey to loving sounds, myself and daily life again.


What about you?

What …


  • do you love doing?
  • inspires you?
  • makes you jump out of bed in the morning?
  • do you do to slow down?
  • do you do to be stress-free?


Drop me a note:



If you love more details about my Yoga teacher trainings and Yoga experience, just ask. 

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