There is just so much Yoga inspiration out there. To guide you I have created this page and I added all my personal favourites. On this page you will find links to more than magnificent resources on Yoga class materials, Yoga books, personal development tools, Yoga teachers and online Yoga.


Yoga Class Materials

Check these magnificent Yoga Class Materials that can guide you on and off the Yoga mat.


Yin Yoga with Marianne

I created some useful playlists that focus on poses that target certain energy channels in the body and stretching certain body parts. Here are the some of the links or go to my YouTube playlist.



Sacred Lotus

To learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and to learn more about how the energy channels run in our body, I find that Sacred Lotus’ website is very useful. Go HERE for he website.


Yoga Books

Check these magnificent Yoga books that can guide you on and off the Yoga mat.


Insight Yoga

Insight Yoga from Sarah Powers teaches you how to do about 5 Yin Yoga practices: “Insight Yoga inspires this psycho spiritual transformation through passive (Yin) and active (Yang) yoga postures combined with breathing practices, visualization, mindfulness meditation, self-inquiry and dialogue, and extended periods of silence (source)”. Check Sarah Powers’ book HERE.


Emotional Yoga

Read the book ‘Emotional Yoga’ from Bija Bennett when you want to learn how the body can heal the mind.
Check Bija Bennett’s book HERE.


Yoga For Emotional Balance

Read the book ‘Yoga For Emotional Balance’ from Bo Forbes in case you’d like to learn how to calm and/or activate your body and/or mind with breathing exercises and restorative yoga. Check Bo Forbes’ book HERE.


Yamas and Niyamas

The Yoga book ‘Yamas and Niyamas’ from Deborah Adele is about living your life according to the Yoga Philosophy. Check her book HERE. You can also check my blogs on Yoga knowledge. These blogs are based on the book from Deborah Adele. Go HERE (Make good choices) and HERE (Improve your life).


Personal Development

Check these magnificent personal development tools that can guide you on and off the Yoga mat.


Emotional Walkabout

The Emotional Walkabout is an Internal Ritual developed by Bija Bennett and you can find it in her book ‘Emotional Yoga’ and on her website. Try the method HERE.


Method of Non-Violent Communication

Use Non-Violent Communication to help you describe what you think, feel and do and how you can express your true needs non-violently. Download a useful hand-out HERE.


Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

My personal favourite. An amazing book on finding your way from Martha Beck. Get her book(s) HERE.


Yoga Teachers

Below you will find links to Yoga teachers that have inspired me through their personality, books, videos, classes and teacher trainings.



Online Yoga

Other useful resources for online Yoga and on Yoga knowledge from various Yoga teachers and channels can be found on:



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Use the gained wisdom to develop yourself whilst being on and off the Yoga mat.


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