Of course things can happen in a Yoga class. Hopefully only good stuff, but just keep the following guidelines in mind too. The guidelines give clarity on the topic of responsibility.


Stay Responsible

Remember: You are and stay responsible for your own body at all times.



You know your body best. I am guiding you to the best of my abilities, whether it is online or in real life. So you need to take care of your own body the best way you can. I offer you guidelines and tools to do this and to become flexible, healthy and happy in body, mind and heart. Only you keep the responsibility to practice safely and to truly stay injury free.


Stay Injury Free

Please pay attention to what you are doing when you are practicing and stay injury free. Are you in doubt?


  • Contact us at
  • Contact the nearest experienced Yin Yoga Teacher you can find and/or consult your Health Practitioner.


Ask us or them for relevant feedback on what you are doing and experiencing when practicing Yin Yoga.


Any other questions?

Contact us at when you have any other questions and/or read about our values and find out what we stand for.


Yin Yoga with Marianne‘ supports you with videos and blogs on Yoga, Breathing, Meditation and Coaching to become and stay flexible, healthy and happy in body, mind and heart in a world full of impulses and sounds. How? Become a Do-It-Yourself Yogi and create true freedom. Practice anywhere, anytime and at your own pace.


Upcoming Events

  1. Yin Yoga Retreat Mallorca ©

    Emotional Walkabout Retreat Mallorca (1-5 May)

    May 1 @ 4:00 pm - May 5 @ 10:00 am


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