Whether we believe in the Energy Wheels (chakras) in our body or not, we can use the related topics in our daily lives. Let’s see the themes as reminders to increase our awareness regarding a certain topic. Let’s apply this Yoga wisdom to give our life a boost of positive energy. We can all use that, don’t you think? Ready? Let’s move on to ‘Trust your inner wisdom’.


Energy wheel

Every energy wheel is said to have a specific function and an energy that can manifest itself in a positive or negative form. The energy that flows through it is called ‘physical energy’ and the energy of the sixth Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra[1] is about appreciating and understanding the voice of your heart and it is about justice, clarity and honesty, but also about the connection between the relative and spiritual world.


Seeing clearly

It is said that you have to be rooted to be able to see clearly and to see clearly you need to be rooted. Meaning that you need to know who you are and what your place is in this world in order to see clearly and visa versa. When you see clearly, you can see the road in front of you that needs to be taken and you can see the symbolic meaning of situations. If your third eye (Ajna Chakra, the space in between the two eyebrows) is somehow blocked, you for example don’t understand that there is a force greater than you that connects us all. You might feel lost and can’t see where you are heading and can’t understand the meaning of things. In that case it will also be difficult to trust your inner wisdom.


Listening to your heart

It is all about learning to be in this moment and having a clear view of your intentions for every situation you are in. Furthermore it is about listening to your heart and receiving guidance in whatever form it occurs. And it is also about imagination, creativity and transformation in order to enter a spiritual dimension. James Higgins spoke about this during session I attended at YogaMoves [2]:


There is the visible world, the world of form, that what we can see (the material world). It is also the world of patterns, routines and habits and a world in which you and I are separate. On the other side is the spiritual world. An invisible world which can’t not be understood with the senses and in which there is no form. It is abstract and you know it is there, although it can’t be seen or rationalized. It is a world in which you and I are one: “All is one, one is whole”…’. 


Third eye

Our third eye is the bridge between those two worlds. So you might think ‘What does it mean exactly?’. Well let’s read on:


There is the relative world and the spiritual world. The last one is the one that brings us together. In that world we are all one. In the visible / relative world, there is duality and you and I are separate. When you are alone, you work towards being together. When you are on your own, you can look into things in your mind, heart and body. You can invite yourself to look at your patterns and habits and the way you deal with challenges and struggles in your life’, James Higgins.


Taste of Wisdom

So you could say it is important to keep inviting yourself from time to time to move away from the material, visible and relative world into the invisible, spiritual world. Why is that actually so important? James Higgins:


‘This way you can get a taste of Wisdom, also translated as ‘Sage’ and move into the timelessness in you and to the loving part in you. You can then ‘water the garden’ and take care of yourself, so that when you are together with others, you can hold yourself. So ‘water’ the qualities that help being together. Yoga also can be used especially to access the larger truth, something you can’t think your way into. It is out there, you know it deep inside of you. Only the expansiveness of the Universe that we are all part of can’t be explained in words, only be felt’.  


Holding things lightly

The challenge then remains to keep looking inside and then to act outwardly in correspondence to your gained wisdom. How? As James said:


Try holding things lightly. Look at your habitual ways of seeing the world around you and try softening them and move towards your Dharma, your reason for being here in this world. You will know that you are on the right path by the responses around you that confirm you are on the right path. They might only come in (symbolic) ways you didn’t expect. Try being open to unexpected signs.


Whenever you think: “There I go again!”, just remind yourself compassionately that also you are learning and just try again to let go and be mindful. Let go of whatever you were holding on to, whatever is ‘was’, resentment, anger, frustration, sadness….LET GO! Now that you’ve noticed you were holding on to it again, let go. Nothing worse will happen than what you’ve felt already. It is the fear for the unknown that is holding you that keeps you from daring to let go. Use your intuition, your knowledge of that bigger wisdom (Sage) and get a taste of it!’.



What can you do to let the energy flow well through your Third Eye Chakra  in order to get a taste of that inner wisdom that connect us all and let go of what no longer serves you/us? Use the tips below:


Check your tips / options here to trust your inner wisdom more:


  • Use affirmations like: ‘I know my way’, ‘I know the answer’, ‘I can feel/see the higher meaning in situations’ and/or ‘I choose things that make me grow spiritually’.
  • Be here right in this moment, that’s is all you have got.
  • Listen to your heart.
  • Be open to guidance no matter what form or shape: ‘Am I clear on this?’, ‘How does this make me feel?’, ‘Is this beneficial for my growth?’ and so on.
  • Keep looking inside: What do you see? Be honest!
  • Try to oversee everything and get a helicopter view on things. What do you see?
  • Let go of whatever needs to loose your grip.
  • Hold things lightly, smile!
  • Quiet the Monkey Mind with Yoga & Meditation
  • Calm the mind by slowing down your breath.
  • Try seeing with the Mind’s Eye: try thinking in images to see in front of you what you are wishing to create.
  • Remind yourself that you carry everything you need inside of you already and that you are your own best teacher.
  • Is your critical voice overactive? Just simply say ‘STOP!’. Even if you need to do this again and again and come back to your breath every time. And ask your third eye for guidance: ‘What do I really want or need to do?’ and ‘Can you help me see the truth in this situation?.
  • Trust your intuition, trust you heart and let go of that mumbling mind and inner dialogue.


Last, but not least: ask for guidance and be open to receive it and keep on remembering: ‘All is one, one is whole!’.


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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©This blog is inspired by a book from Margot Anand ‘Tantrische Liefde; Chakra’s openen en de weg naar extase’ (Tantric Love).


©This blog is also inspired by the workshop that I took from James Higgins. His ‘…’  answers in this article are my notes of what I remember from his teachings. Check his own page for his own words on spirituality: James Higgins.


[1] Source: http://www.mysticfamiliar.com/library/l_chakras.htm#second
[2] Source: James Higgins teachings at YogaMoves in April 2011: wwww.jameshigginsyoga.com

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