How to move from powerless to powerful and on how to (re-)connect to our Soul? A question I have given possible solutions to in Soul Care and Soul Power. Sitting still, meditating and reconnecting to our spiritual qualities are ways of taking care of our Soul and reconnecting to it. Now we found out what our seven spiritual qualities are, but what are the seven spiritual powers that we can use to feel more powerful? Let’s look at Spiritual Power.


Just happy

Like I said before in the blog on Soul Power: ‘It is about taking care of our soul (Soul Care) to feel the power of our soul (Soul Power). We thus need the non-doing to focus on the house of our soul (third eye) to reconnect to the seven spiritual qualities that our soul is made of and to feel that bliss is part of us’.  Bliss can be seen as ‘Just happy!’. We have those moment right, when we are just happy. They might be rare and these blissful moments only come to us occasionally, but they do happen. When was the last time you were just happy?


“Bliss can be seen as ‘Just happy!’’… “



The chances are big that it didn’t have to do with status, wealth or having/gaining power over something or someone. Think back. What made you feel blissful the last time you felt it? Did you feel at peace? Did you feel loved? Did you feel strong? Did the moment feel pure? Did you feel lucky? Did you just know what the right thing to do was? Did you trust your intuition? Great, I am sure that when you are really honest the answer here is ‘YES’. Good news, because this meant that when you felt blissful, that you reconnected to one of your seven spiritual qualities, thus the qualities of your soul. We need that connection to feel our spiritual power.


  1. Peace
  2. Love
  3. Strength (power)
  4. Purity
  5. Bliss (Luck)
  6. Knowledge
  7. Wisdom



Thus to recap on the topic ‘Soul’ before we move on to the topic of ‘Spiritual Power‘. This is what I have understood from the teachers and students at the workshops that I have attended at Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Academy Amsterdam:


  • We all have a physical body.
  • In this body ‘lives’ a spiritual body.
  • This spiritual body is referred to as our soul.
  • The house of the soul in our body is our ‘third eye’; the space in between the eyebrows.


Dimensions of the soul

What are the thee dimensions of the soul?

  • Our soul has three dimensions: mind, intellect and experiences (Samskaras).
  • These dimensions of our soul stay with us when the body dies.
  • Our experiences are taken with us to next lives.
  • This energy can be felt in each life that we live.
  • This energy is referred to as Karma.
  • Karma refers to past actions and deeds that have an influence on our current live and next lives.


Universal soul

Are we part of a Universal soul? Yes:

  • We all have a soul.
  • Our soul is part of a greater universal soul.
  • Our soul has seven spiritual qualities (soul qualities).
  • These spiritual qualities are present in all of us.



How can we reconnect to our soul and feel our spiritual power?

  • We can reconnect to the greater universal soul by reconnecting to these seven spiritual qualities.
  • We can reconnect to it becoming aware of them again.
  • We become aware of them through our senses.
  • We can become aware of them again through for example Yoga and meditation.
  • When we recognise these spiritual qualities and would like to work with them, we can use our spiritual powers.


Clean your karma

Clean your Karma and feel whole again:

  • We do this so that we can reconnect to the greater universal soul that we are all part of.
  • We can them clean our karma, meaning we redirect our actions and deeds for a better future.
  • When we reconnect to our spiritual qualities we feel one with the universe.
  • We can then feel connected, at peace and whole again.
  • We can then feel bliss.


Find the silence

Ah ha there we are, so what are these spiritual powers? How do we get to use them in order to feel connected, at peace and whole again? How to feel blissful? First find the silence within you to have a closer and honest look before you decide on what to do or not to do.


First we need to take a distance. Whatever happens, whatever is being felt, look at it as neutral as you can. Try not to judge it. Look at it. What is it that wants to be noticed, seen, heard, felt? What does it want to make clear?


Secondly accept it! It is there clearly and pushing it away or running away from it won’t work. It will come back like a boomerang, believe me. So then the next thing we do is to sit with it, like they call in therapy: ‘sit in the fire’. Feel empathy for it.


Steps to spiritual power

Thus what do we do first? We find the silence within us by taking the following steps towards more spiritual power:

  • We take a distance
  • We observe
  • We acknowledge
  • We accept it
  • We empathize with it
  • We sit in silence
  • We deal with it


Spiritual powers

Okay and then now what? Right we call in our spiritual powers to decide on how to deal with it:

Power of / to …

  1. introversion: Sit in silence and wait. Think about a turtle, go slow. Hide from time to time.
  2. pack up: Know when to stop. What is really necessary? What is not?
  3. tolerate: Be honest and accept what needs to be accepted.
  4. adapt: Reinvent yourself.
  5. distinguish: Use your intellect, your intuition here. What is really happening?
  6. consider: What is of real value? What can you do?
  7. recognize: See what is truly happening. Be honest and admit it.
  8. take action: Take action, trust life and let go.


To sum up it is all about finding the silence within us to have a closer, more honest look at ourselves. It is about using our spiritual powers to decide what needs to be done, when and by whom. And when we apply one of these powers we do it with the strength of our spiritual qualities to create new positive experiences that contribute to our karma.


Finally like the teachers that were guiding us at the Academy that Sunday told us: ‘We at a certain point of our life got introduced to Raja Yoga. We were students at the time and even though we are now guiding you today, we still are students’. It is also the concept of their Academy: ‘teach and guide each other’. I like that thought, and that is what I tried to do here as well. Sharing with you what has been shared with me!


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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