What can we do to live a flexible, healthy and happy life in a world full of sounds? I am on a quest myself to move from ‘hating sounds’ to ‘loving sounds’ again. It is my personal challenge to find a way to deal with the constant flow of impulses, sounds and their effects. Yoga of course is one of those tools.


Personal journey

I will share my experiences with you via my Sound Sensitivity blogs so you can benefit from it too. It will be an honest, vulnerable and courageous report of my personal journey to loving sounds, myself and daily life again. In these blogs I am going to share with you what I believe are tools we can use to live in a world full of sounds, but be less influenced by them.


Impulses and sounds

I find that there is a constant flow of impulses and sounds and all of it troubles me constantly. Also, the list of sounds that trigger me and send me into a complete fury is endless. I know too that I have found sounds challenging from a very young age and sounds have always troubled me. Also the older I get, the worse it gets and therefore I know I need to take serious steps NOW before I truly start disliking all sounds in the world. I’d would really like to love all sounds again. What about you?


Hatred of Sounds

Now, some of us are ‘just’ sensitive to sounds and some of us, like me, are extremely (!) sensitive to sounds. This condition and challenge is called ‘Misophonia’, which means as much as ‘Hatred of Sounds’. Why are some so sensitive to sounds? Well, I will tell you all about it in my blogs. I will also guide you through all kinds of methods that I have tried and tested. I recently followed intensive therapy, private as well as in a group, and we looked at this challenging condition in great depth and still do. I thus decided I can share this knowdledge with you via my already existing platform on Yoga, Personal Development and Growth.


Loving sounds

I am on this challenge, because I’d like to move from hatred to love, and from hating sounds to loving sounds again. I just hope that I don’t have to feel and behave like a Miss. O. Phonia much longer and that I can enjoy being me 24/7. I wish I can live a carefree life and feel safe and that I can live a flexible, healthy and happy life in a world full of sounds. I wish the same for you.


Peace and quiet

When you are easily overwhelmed by sounds just like me, I believe it is important to take serious steps. You need to adapt your life so that you, more than others, can sooth your easily overwhelmed body, mind and heart daily. Why? Even though we would love others to adapt to our values, believes and standards, they will not. Believe me, I have tried. The whole neighbourhood knows me and whenever I moved to a new place, they got to know me pretty soon as well. I have moved around a lot and changed my situation many times in order to find some peace and quiet.


Flexible, Healthy, Happy

Only impulses and sounds are everywhere and in case you are also struggling with your ‘hatred of sounds’ (Misophonia) just like me, remember: the condition is part of you, just as well it is part of me. So before you too start changing everything around you, just like I have done many times in my life so far, let us look at the following question: “What can we do to live a flexible, healthy and happy life in a world full of impulses and sounds?”.


Natural Cure for Misophonia

Now I do hope that one day the topic will be researched enough and that a proper treatment will exist. For now, it is all one big experiment and I thus I decided to also start my own. I am also making you part of that journey by sharing it with you. I do hope that I can find a natural cure for Misophonia and for now I will do my best to apply the wisdom of Yoga to ease the symptoms of constantly being overwhelmed by all impulses and sounds around me.


In the following months I will keep you posted on holistic and alternative cures that I will have tried and I will tell you what I think of it. I will keep you posted on this quest and then you can decide for yourself which ones you’d like to try as well.


Your Sensitive to Sounds story?

What natural cure have you found for your sound sensitivity? Tell me your story: yinyogawithmarianne@gmail.com


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