In the previous blog on Sound Sensitivity I asked myself the following questions: “What can we do to live a flexible, healthy and happy life in a world full of sounds?”. Like I said, I am on a quest myself to move from ‘hating sounds’ to ‘loving sounds’ again. It is my personal challenge to find a way to deal with the constant flow of impulses, sounds and their effects. In this current blog you will read about a healing practice that I tried: Sound Healing.


“How can I move from hating sounds to loving sounds again?”


Loving Sounds

A dear Yoga teacher and friend of mine, Erica Jago told me after having read my newsletter that ‘Hatred of Sounds’ is just such a negative and strong term to use. I couldn’t agree more. Only the doctors and such decided to name the condition that I have that way: Misoponia = Hatred of Sounds. I myself prefer using the term ‘Sound Sensitivity’. Only the main question is: “How can I move from hating sounds to loving sounds again?”


Sound Healing

I therefore decided that perhaps I could heal my condition by using my biggest issue and challenge itself: Sound. Another dear Yoga teacher James Higgins gave me the tip to contact Githa Ben-David and do a sound healing session with her. Since I currently live in Tofo (Mozambique) I quickly organised a healing session with her via Skype. I was thrilled that I managed to book a session with Githa for that same week. I was just so anxious to give Sound Healing a try and I would do almost anything to make this pain go away.


Skype Healing Session

Now I have never been very good with sounds myself and for years I was so shy and quiet that whenever I spoke people couldn’t even hear me. Now during the skype healing session this wonderfully gifted woman in Denmark asked me to make all kinds of sounds coming from my reptile brain. After a few moments into the session we changed the approach. I didn’t seem to be ready for it yet, until a few weeks later when I found myself on the beach. I was on the beach and on my own, there was a strong wind and nobody could hear me, thus I started making the earthy sounds Githa had referred to a week earlier. What a relief to actually be able to make sounds!


Neurological Disorder

To go back to the skype session, during it we worked on formulating my wish: “I’d love to find a way to balance my Sound Sensitivity so that I serve myself, others and the whole”. I believe since it is said to be a neurological disorder that it is going take a while before it is healed. So the wisest step now is to learn how to live with this challenge daily and to see it as strength and not only as a handicap.


Sound Scanning

Before I can heal from Sound Sensitivity, Githa suggested that we should work on the trauma that is stored in my body. She asked me to put the camera of my laptop in front of my throat and in front of my belly to let the sound of her voice resonate with my body: Sound Scanning. Her response was that there is a lot of trauma stored in my body. That shook me up. Now another Yoga teacher that I asked for advice this month also told me that trauma is most probably the cause of my Sound Sensitivity. Now that made me think: “What trauma?”.


Change the story

Githa supported me whilst talking about the trauma that I do remember and that she decided to work on it together with me. She suggested we could change the story of that certain situation. So an incident that happened to me in this life time luckily got a new narrative. Only, she also worked on another trauma of a previous life.


Regression work

Now Sound Healing is pretty new to me and also is regression work. I don’t know whether I believe in previous lives or lives in another dimension, but one thing is sure, even though we worked on serious topics and looked at much old pain; the Sound Healing session was a huge relief. I felt very different afterwards. What were the effects up to now about four weeks after the first session?


Short term effects:

  • It was a relief to actually be allowed to make sounds myself at the beginning of the session.
  • It felt wonderful to hear how her voice responded to my body during the Sound Scanning.
  • It was very surprising and upsetting at the same time to hear what pain was stored in my body.
  • It was even more wonderful to know that we were working on healing this trauma.
  • It helped me knowing that the stories got changed. When I hear sounds now, I say to myself:
    “It didn’t happen. We changed the story. I am safe now”.
  • It was intriguing to let Sounds soothe my Sound Sensitivity.


Long term effects:

  • Certain loud and also softer human sounds still trigger me.
  • These sounds still upset me. I still get annoyed, irritated and angry.
  • It still feels like people don’t take into consideration that it feels like they are invading my personal space and the space of my body with their sounds.
  • I am triggered less, but the Sound Sensitivity is still present.


I am now even more curious to what Sound Healing and Sound Scanning can do for me when I am in the room with Githa. I find regression work, trauma and alternative healing treatments fascinating and necessary at the same time and I would love to travel to Denmark to meet her in person. The thought that not all sounds are painful and that certain sounds can actually make me less sensitive to sounds that trigger and upset me, is such a huge relief. Only like I said, I am still triggered and the Sound Sensitivity is still present, but is definitely less severe.


In the following months I will keep you posted on holistic and alternative cures that I will have tried and I will tell you what I think of it. I will keep you posted on this quest and then you can decide for yourself which ones you’d like to try as well.


Would you like to try Sound Healing yourself?

Contact Githa-Ben David.


Your Sensitive to Sounds story?

What natural cure have you found for your sound sensitivity? Tell me your story: 


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