How to move from powerless to powerful and on how to (re-)connect to our Soul? That is what we talked about in the blog on ‘Soul Care’. Let’s recap on the ‘how’. We can take care of our soul and become powerful by re-connecting to our spiritual qualities and apply these in life. How? Yes, right. Let’s have a closer look on how to feel powerful. Thus let’s look at Soul Power.


Qualities of our soul

They say we can do a daily Raja Yoga meditation to start feeling the energy of the qualities of our soul. What are these seven spiritual qualities again?


  1. Peace
  2. Love
  3. Strength (power)
  4. Purity
  5. Bliss (Luck)
  6. Knowledge
  7. Wisdom


Now how do these spiritual qualities feel? We already know the difference, because for example: ‘How do you feel when you are at peace?’ and ‘How do you feel when you are not at peace, but when you are upset?’. But also important is: ‘How do we move from Soul Care to Soul Power?‘. When we know our spiritual qualities, how can we use their power? Thus… how can we use their strength?


House of the soul

The first step is, as I was told, to start meditating and focussing on these qualities. It is about doing our daily Raja Yoga Meditation and focussing on the third eye, which is the house of the soul.


As Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Academy in Amsterdam told us during the workshop: ‘The Soul resides in the body. It can be found in the space between the eyebrows, close to the pineal gland. It is often referred to as the third eye, the eye of insight’. As they explained: ‘When you focus on the third eye, on your soul and its spiritual qualities, you will be able to connect to these qualities more and more’.


Thus paying attention to these qualities is the way to open up our third eye. It will give us a bigger scope and more understanding. It will give us more insight and more clarity. Clear? Read on, perhaps my practical tip will help us out!



Now what does this mean exactly? The way I understood it is that when we meditate, and when we sit still and when we focus on these qualities, we start to observe more. I know we are all very used to doing stuff, but I believe the non-doing (observing) is the most important aspect for getting more insight.


‘I am at peace, I am Love, I am Strong (Strength (power)),

I am Pure, I am Bliss (Luck), I am Knowledgeable, I am Wise’. 



Now how do I focus on these spiritual qualities? I say them repeatedly whenever I need to. I have turned them into a mantra that I also use during meditation: ‘I am at peace, I am Love, I am Strong (Strength (power)), I am Pure, I am Bliss (Luck), I am Knowledgeable, I am Wise’.  You can of course choose just one of these qualities for your mantra or you could make your own sentence. Keep repeating it whenever you need. Whether you are meditating or sitting on the bus, use it.


Negative mind trip

I repeat it especially when I feel my mind takes me on a negative mind trip. This is my way to counterbalance the negativity that I feel coming up to surface. By repeating this mantra, I leave no space for its negativity. It is kind of like saying: ‘NO more!’. I give my mind a new and more positive task by repeating the spiritual qualities or just one of them like: ‘I am at peace!’.  This is how I train myself to remember those spiritual qualities.


Soul conscious

It is said that these spiritual qualities of our soul come from a world that is made of pure energy and that it is only soul conscious. We as humans have that quality and we are also aware of the fact that we live in a body. You could say that our soul communicates with us via our senses.


Now by becoming of aware of what is being felt in the body, we can learn to observe what is behind a certain sensation or feeling. That is why meditating and sitting still to observe what is happening is so important. If we always keep running, how can we then notice what is really going on? We need to stop and stand still from time to time to be able to feel where when and where and to whom we need to say: ‘NO more!’.


Burn out

So many of us get a burn out. You could also say: ‘burn-down’, because we stop feeding the light of our soul. We lose track, because we only take care of our 1000-things-to-do list. The fire of our soul burns down. Our body for sure has given us signals, but when we ignore them and decide not to listen, we ignore our very own soul that gives us our strength and power. It is about taking responsibility for whom we are and what we do and why we do it. It is about taking care of ourselves and reconnecting to our soul. It is about being aware of our body and of what is being felt in the body. It is also about recognising the messages of our soul through the body.



It is about taking care of our soul (Soul Care) to feel the power of our soul (Soul Power). We thus need the non-doing to focus on the house of our soul (third eye) to reconnect to the spiritual qualities that our soul is made of and to feel that bliss is part of us.


Bliss can be felt as ‘Just happy!’. It happens when we reconnect to our spiritual qualities and when we realise those qualities are part of us. We all have them. It is a matter of choice on how to use them and on how to (re-)connect to them. It is the intention behind our actions that has an influence on our future. It is our choices in the here and now that affect our near-future. Now what can you do today to reconnect to the powerful spiritual qualities that already are part of you?


And finally…


Like the teachers that were guiding us at the Academy that Sunday told us: ‘We at a certain point of our life got introduced to Raja Yoga. We were students at the time and even though we are now guiding you today, we still are students’. It is also the concept of their Academy: ‘teach and guide each other’. I like that thought, and that is what I tried to do here as well. Sharing with you what has been shared with me!


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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