Soul Care, as I wanted to type this, ‘Soul Rare’, first come down on paper. Funny, because it is actually rare to come across the workshop I went to. I attended a not so common workshop on how to take care of our Soul. A workshop on how to move from powerless to powerful and on how to (re-)connect to our Soul.


Now why did I go to this seminar? I was curious what the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Academy in Amsterdam (BKSA) could teach me about the Soul. Questions I had, even though they often talk about the Soul in all of the Yoga books I have read, were: ‘Do we have a Soul?’ and “If the answer is ‘yes’, where can we find this Soul?” and ‘What does it do for us?’.



Now if we were to have a Soul, where can it be found? And how can we take care of our soul? As BKSA told us: ‘The Soul resides in the body. It can be found in the space between the eyebrows, close to the pineal gland and it is the spot that is often referred to as the third eye. Furthermore it is our connection to the higher source out there’.


As they told us, this higher Soul is infinite and can’t be found in the physical world that we know. It is outside of our physical body and outside our subtle body too. I learned that our Soul can be seen as energy. I once heard somebody say: inspired means ‘In-spirit’, which again comes down to connecting to your spirit, thus our Soul energy. This is the way I like looking at it.


House of the Universal Soul

I find it hard to imagine though where the house of the Universal Soul is. I just imagine it is the Universe itself, the space outside our hemisphere. A place so vast that it is almost impossible to understand greatness of it. And it is hard to understand all of this.


It is just like I wrote in one of my others blogs, perhaps we are just here and there isn’t a greater source out there. Perhaps we are all here by coincidence and trying to make the best of it. But then again these ladies at the workshop sounded so sincere and convinced and they were so quiet, so serene and so at peace with life, that I was willing to stay for the entire three hours and listen.


Spiritual Qualities

They told us that all the spiritual qualities that we need in life are already present in us. We are one with them and with the greater source, only we need to reconnect to it again and again through meditation. As I understood it, this is what Raja Yoga means: it is about connecting to the higher consciousness. They also state that the Soul that never incarnates.


Now what spiritual qualities were they talking about?

Our seven spiritual qualities are:

  1. Peace
  2. Love
  3. Strength (power)
  4. Purity
  5. Bliss (Luck)
  6. Knowledge
  7. Wisdom


Soul qualities

They call these spiritual qualities also our ‘Soul qualities’ and these can also be seen as pure, bright and powerful energies. The energy can be felt through our senses and makes us aware of our Soul and its seven qualities. We were told that we have to move from a more physical awareness to a more spiritual awareness, meaning that we learn to distinguish what is happening in our physical body and what is happening at a more spiritual level.


An example that was given is that we are not our body and that we should not identify with it. We are our spiritual qualities, because these go with us when our Soul leaves our present body. Now interesting question: when we die, what parts of our Soul leave the body and stay together so to speak?


Aspects of our Soul

In case we take care of our soul, it is interesting to look at the three dimensions of our Soul. Our Soul is made of three aspects:


  1. Mind
  2. Intellect
  3. Experiences (Samskaras).


Firstly, mind can be translated as all that our body knows, and that is the knowledge of our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual body.


Secondly, intellect is a deeper knowing and is linked to our intuition. I believe it is our inner wisdom.


Thirdly, samskaras always reminds me of the word ‘scares’, so the scares of our lives. What it comes down to is all of the experiences we have had in our lives. So not only this life, but other lives as well. It shapes our personality and character.


Soul care

So here we are right; we have been given a physical body, we have our Soul and we might have all kinds of thoughts raging through our head and all kinds of decisions to make? What do we do with it? Thus how can we take care of our Soul and live life?


Soul Care = connecting to our spiritual qualities and apply these in life.


But where to begin? Start with a daily Raja Yoga meditation to start feeling the energy of the qualities of your soul: Peace, Love, Strength (power), Purity, Bliss (Luck), Knowledge and Wisdom. How do these feel? We already know the difference, because for example: ‘How do you feel when you are at peace?’ and ‘How do you feel when you are not and you are angry?’. Clear enough right!


Raja Yoga

In Raja Yoga they meditate with the eyes open to feel the connection to the Soul and to feel the connection to everything and everybody around them and to re-connect to that ever-present infinite Soul. Whilst meditating we can re-connect to our spiritual qualities. We can feel the energy of these qualities in us and remind ourselves that we have all have these qualities inside of us. Whenever we need to make a decision, we can choose our response.


Meditate with the eyes open

Furthermore, why meditate with the eyes open? Yes, because life is lived with the eyes open. We want to feel the connection to our Soul and the Universal Soul at all times, especially when we are awake. It is about living our life and being aware of our seven spiritual qualities that our Soul (mind, intellect and Samskaras) is made of.


Finally like the teachers that were guiding us at the Academy that Sunday told us: ‘We at a certain point of our life got introduced to Raja Yoga. We were students at the time and even though we are now guiding you today, we still are students’. It is also the concept of their Academy: ‘teach and guide each other’. I like that thought, and that is what I tried to do here as well. Sharing with you what has been shared with me!


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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