How delicious it would be to simply be able to press DELETE sometimes and start all over again. How fairly easy would it be to simple use the RESET button? A healer taught me that the higher my vibrations are, the more people that I will attract that also vibrate at that higher, positive and healing frequency. Great, because then I will have less negativity around me. Thus raising my vibration would then be the reset-button I am looking for. Time for some mind healing!



Mind healing to me is like resetting my mind. How can we do this? We start by listening to our inner voice.


  • What conversations can you hear again and again inside of your head?
  • Is this what you actually want to be listening to?
  • Is this the thought that you want to be spending your time and energy on?


The thoughts inside of your head are the reality you have created, thus you also have the power to create another truth. By changing the conversations inside of your head, you can change how your thinking and feelings state and this will influence your behavior.


Positive change

How can you change your thinking? It is time to listen to the messages that you are giving yourself and that you are passing on to others. Thus let’s start by ‘simply’ allowing thoughts to be present that actually aid you in your process of positive change. It is like Byron Katie states in her books: ‘Could the opposite of what you belief to be true, also be true? Our Ego will protest to this, only when it does, press PAUSE. Tell your Ego: ‘Silence please, don’t disturb me now!’.


Mind healing

How do you realize this new truth, this new reality? This is what has been explained to me. See it as: ‘Mind Healing!’. The neurons in our brain fire when we are thinking: ‘Neurons wire where they fire‘. If this is a negative thought, it creates a negative track in our brain so to speak. This path deepens every time we think a negative thought, depending on how much time and energy we spend on it.



The solution? Whenever a negative thought arises, be severe and strict with yourself. Say: ‘STOP’ and simply don’t go down that road again. You are not going to repeat and run yourself through that negative story again. You most probably know that route all too well already. Believe me, I have been there too and I still spend too much time there from time to time. Let’s start healing ourselves, starting now. Let’s do it together.


Positive thought

Now think a positive thought:


  • What in the given situation could for example also be true?’. 


Dare to go down that ‘What if’ road of possibilities. Try to imagine what positive feelings would emerge if that positive option were to be true. You hold the key to change the communication with yourself. You have got to do the work yourself. What do you feel when you think that positive thought? Right, your neurons are firing again, only this time they are creating a new and positive inclined track.


Positive track

How do we stay on this newly created positive track? Repetition is key! Every time we need to choose, we choose to either go down the deep, old negative track that we know all too well or we go down that new, positive track. What are you choosing to do from now on? Every day, the whole time, we have these two options. This is hard work! Healing isn’t always the same as going for a massage, floating in a salt bath or enjoying another healing practice.


Are you willing to put in the work?


To conclude, the best thing we can give ourselves to truly heal is to live as consciously as we possibly can. Choose again and again to what you would like to dedicate your time and energy. With compassion, with mildness and perseverance we can shape our life and send it into the direction we wish it to go. Give yourself that extra impulse and push to truly do so. Work on mind healing first and then speak from the heart. What are you thinking, feeling and what would you like to express? Hear it first and then say it out loud non-violently and good luck!


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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