Dealing with the world around us and in us is quite a challenge, isn’t it? This current blog is a summary of the five ethical Yoga codes known as the ‘Yamas’ and they tell us more on how we can deal with the world around us. It helps us to make good choices.



In the past five blogs on Yoga ethics (Yamas) we looked at:


  1. non-violence (ahimsa)
  2. truthfulness (satya)
  3. non-stealing (asteya)
  4. non-excess (brahmacharya)
  5. non-possessiveness (aparigraha)



In these blogs on Yamas we looked useful ethical Yoga guidelines:


  1. Learning to love yourself.
  2. Honesty is best policy.
  3. Thoughts on Ego.
  4. Enough is enough.
  5. How to let go?


Ethical rules

First of all, if I may speak from my own experience, it is damn hard to live by all of these ethical rules at the same time, all of the time. We are no saints; we live in a fast paced world and sometimes in overcrowded cities. My first advice would therefore be, strive to live by these ethical rules, but also forgive yourself if you don’t always manage to do so. Be compassionate to yourself. Sometimes we just don’t manage to hold up all of our good intentions. Feeling guilty about either the past or present will do us all no good.


Have compassion

So what is wise? Like a Buddhist monk once explained during a lecture: ‘Tomorrow is a new day’. Even he admitted that although he has been raised in a monastery that he too gets angry for example. His advice: ‘Forgive yourself and have compassion. Just try again the next day!’.


That is all we can do. We try living according to our values and principles and we try applying it daily. The Yoga ethical guidelines are also exactly that; guidelines. They are signposts to show us the road. If we get off track, they can guide us back. Good luck with finding your way (back)!


Improve your life

Would you also like to know how you can deal with the world inside of you? Check the blogs on the Niyamas: Improve your life. 


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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©This blog is inspired by a book from Deborah Adele: The Yamas and Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice.

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