Whether we believe in the Energy Wheels (chakras) in our body or not, we can use the related topics in our daily life. Let’s see the themes as reminders to increase our awareness regarding a certain topic. Let’s apply this Yoga wisdom to give our life a boost of positive energy. We can all use that, don’t you think? Ready? Let’s move on to ‘How to let love rule?’.


Energy wheel

Every energy wheel is said to have a specific function and an energy that can manifest itself in a positive or negative form. The energy that flows through it, is called ‘physical energy’ and the energy of the fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra, will let you experience love, forgiveness and surrendering.


Heart Chakra

The hearth chakra (anahata) is said to be situated in the centre of the chest around the area of the heart and they say it is the connection between our physical and spiritual body. It is that place in us from which we can connect with others out of love and from which we can surrender to life. It makes us being driven by love and it influences our ability to forgive, have trust and feel compassion and empathy.


Let love rule

The heart wants to love freely. It is only your Ego that makes it complicated by throwing in all kinds of rules, ‘must’ and ‘have to’ in order to receive what we are longing for. The Ego thinks in patterns. Although these might have been or looked useful in the past, they are often not. For example thoughts like: ‘Don’t be vulnerable.’ and ‘You can’t trust anyone.’ are thoughts that make the Ego feel safe. The sad thing is that this approach actually makes love disappear. We all need love, so perhaps ignore the voice of our Ego here. In this case the Ego is not being very supportive or helpful.


“When you are approaching life with a defensive heart
and looking for love, you will not find it”, Margot Anand.


Open up the heart

What does work? By defending yourself, you will never find love. So it is important to find entry into your own heart. You can NOT open up your heart whilst at the same time trying to protect it by all kinds of mind and power games and by creating dramas. You also might look for love outside of yourself, but others can’t give you what you are not giving yourself. ‘When you are approaching life with a defensive heart and looking for love, you will not find it’, as Margot Anand puts it in her book [i].


Be authentic

Others can NOT give you the love, you can’t find in your own heart. So it is time to open up the heart; Be authentic. Meaning saying YES to yourself and accepting yourself completely, even with your darker sides. That side is part of you too. You can’t change others, but you can change the relationship with yourself. So that is the place to start. Responding from your heart teaches you integrity. It also teaches you to connect strength with love and love with respect. The toughest situations often show you how you can be authentic and this brings you far beyond what you thought would be possible.


Let the energy flow

We can learn how to create a ‘holding environment’ and we can start to take those experiences into our lives. What can you do to let the energy flow well through your Heart chakra in order to feel safe, connected and loved? Use the tips below.


Check your tips / options here to let the energy flow:


  • Just be you.
  • Be authentic.
  • Show integrity.
  • Forgive yourself (and others). It means you let go of the painful feelings that connect you to that other person. Cut the energetic string you are holding on to. Let go and move on.
  • Be mild, we all need to learn and grow.
  • Heal the lower three chakras and connect them with your heart’s energy.
  • Do things you love doing.
  • Change the relationship with yourself for the better.
  • Work on accepting yourself, perhaps even with professional guidance. Why not? That’s what they are here for.
  • Keep on repeating mantras like: ‘I accept myself as I am’, ‘I let go and forgive’, ‘I feel safe, connected and loved’  or ‘I give and receive love’. Or make your own.
  • Let love inspire you and use its positive energy.
  • Learn the art of love by looking at things with new energy, an open mind and mildness.


More tips

More tips on how to let the energy flow:


  • Learn to accept the contradictions that are part of love: being together versus being on your own, intimacy and mystery, together and apart.
  • Use your voice and speak frankly and from the heart and tell other(s) what you think/observe, feel and wish for.
  • Speak in a non-violent way (Non-Violent Communication) and use phrases like ‘I think, feel and wish for…’ as you speak. The other person is allowed to make his/her own choice, so you may get NO for an answer and then that’s fine too.
  • Ask yourself: ‘Am I being true to myself?’. Even when you have to ask this again and again. That’s is what compassion is about.
  • Do your best to find out what is really bothering you: ‘What need is longing to be fulfilled?’. What is the need behind your complaint, anger or other negative emotions?.
  • Try finding a balance in surrendering to love and taking care of others and the worldly needs and deeds.
  • Trust that life is on your side and surrender to it. Why holding back? Life is happening right now, not one day in the future or a past that is long gone.


Last, but not least, ‘When you look into your heart and accept all that is there, you will discover an unlimited space in which nothing needs to be solved, rescued, changed or explained. Everything may be felt. When you are prepared to accept what is, a longing to live life with an open heart can emerge’, Margot Anand.


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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©This blog is inspired by a book from Margot Anand ‘Tantrische Liefde; Chakra’s openen en de weg naar extase’ (Tantric Love).


[i] Source: Margot Anand ‘Tantrische Liefde; Chakra’s openen en de weg naar extase’ (Tantric Love).

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