Have you just started teaching Yoga? Have you got about 0-2 years of teaching experience? Have you come across all kinds of challenges like long hours, low pay, all level classes, energy draining circumstances and still not being able to pay your bills? Do you need a change of perspective? Would you like me to coach you on how to stay healthy as a Yoga teacher? Try Yoga Coaching.


Yoga Coaching

Yoga Coaching = Coaching Yoga Teachers. What motivates me to write this blog to you now? Last week I met up with two young Yoga teachers who have about 2 years of teaching experience. We spoke about the challenges of working as a Yoga teacher. They both ran their first Yoga retreat and looking at their busy schedule I got worried. There was no ME-time on it. I was afraid that they would overexert themselves and asked them to sit down with me. I had taken their classes too and asked them whether they would love to have a chat about Yoga & Anatomy and Yoga & Coaching. The answer: “Yes, please!“.


Yoga coaching questions

It became clear that some Yoga coaching questions kept these two young and ambitious ladies (very) busy, even though they were having the time of their life:


  • How do I set healthy boundaries as a teacher?
  • What do I do to recharge myself after all of the classes that I teach?
  • How do I express myself kindly and clearly whilst taking my own needs into account?


Do these Yoga question seem familiar? I for sure have had these and sometimes still have. The solution? Find a more experienced teacher, sport instructor or holistic healer and talk to him/her about how to stay healthy yourself in this sometimes not-so-blissful profession.


Take advice to heart

Teaching (Yoga) can be energy draining. Teaching affects you at all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, also spiritually and it has an effect on your environment too. What can you do to make sure you stay healthy as a teacher? Learn from my experiences and learn from my ‘mistakes’. I know we all have to walk the path in order to know what works and what doesn’t work. You might also have to hit the wall first and rock bottom before you will take action.


Believe me, it can also be wise to take advice to heart that you are given by more experienced Yoga teachers than yourself and actually use it. I too was warned for certain ‘mistakes’ and I definitely found out what drained my energy and what gave me energy. If I only had listened to them, I would NOT have had to take a break for weeks from time to time whenever I noticed that my ‘energy account’ had plummeted once again after months of continuous teaching.


Teaching experiences

Here are some of my less positive Yoga teaching experiences:


  • I have shed tears whilst having to go into a class room to teach and having it feel like ‘going on stage’.
  • I have had days where I wasn’t able to bike up one of the many bridges in Amsterdam on my way to yet another Yoga Class.
  • I have had days that I even didn’t know what day of the week it was and where my next class was going to be.
  • I have had days that I completely lost the feeling of doing Yoga.
  • I had to take a few weeks break every summer to get back in touch with myself.
  • I was gaining weight due to stress, even though I was teaching over 14 classes per week at a certain point.
  • I wasn’t feeling quiet, serene and loving at all during certain classes anymore.


Think about it. What are your teaching experiences? What is giving you energy? What is costing you energy? Would you like to be supported and guided here?


Setting the space

What is my background and how can I support you? I have a background in Communication on Strategic Change Management, I taught English to (young) adults, I wrote English language – and study course materials and I worked as a guidance counselor with teenagers. I also have been teaching Yoga since 2010 and I have (co-) founded several Yoga related online platforms. The recurring theme in my CV is teaching.


Teaching to me means setting the space for people to learn and grow as a person. My process of coaching and personal development started when I was 20 years old. I am 40 now (2018). I know what is feels like to have therapy and to be coached. I have followed cognitive therapy, psychotherapy and haptonamy (hapto-therapy) and I know what it feels like to be dealing with challenges like depression, burn-out, fear of failure, fear of losing someone and being assertive. The therapies and coaching have supported me immensely and I have grown so much and I’d only feel like learning more.


Yoga coaching session

So my first advice for now. Sit down with some pen and paper. Ask yourself the following question: “What Yoga related question have I had on my my mind for a while and would I like to find an answer to? …”. Write down your answers and feel free to share them with me. I honestly would love to hear them!


Review of a Yoga teacher

Rosanne Goh works as a Yoga teacher. Read what she thinks of a coaching session with me: “I had a coaching sessions with Marianne – how to be a healthy yoga teacher? Her warm, kind presence allowed me to express and open up, to be honest with myself and to answer her questions. She is so calming, with great advice, probing questions for self inquiry. We did a short guided meditation too – which I just connected with her soothing, calm voice straight away! I learnt so much from her coaching session (a lot about boundaries as a yoga teacher). The tools and words of advice she gave has improved my emotional intelligence/awareness and allowed me to mirror that in my personal life. Thank you for your kind, warm energy, words of wisdom that I’ll take with me forever!”, Rosanne Goh.


Would you like to meet-up?

I, Marianne will be in Amsterdam from July 7th until August 25th in case you’d like to meet in person or we can do the sessions via Facebook or WhatsApp calls. We can do the sessions in Dutch or English. Book a (semi-) private session and get in touch with me via info@yinyogawithmarianne.com. Tell me, what would you like us to talk about?


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


Yin Yoga with Marianne

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