Can Yoga heal us? Nowadays Yoga seems to be the remedy for almost everything. Being a Yoga teacher myself, I am starting to reflect on it more and more. Sometimes I have the feeling that the Yoga that we practice in the West is more like a sport, than an actual healing practice. But is this really true? Let’s explore this topic a little more. The main questions that I’d to answer are:


  • Can Yoga be a Natural Cure for Sound Sensitivity?
  • Is there a Natural Cure for Sound Sensitivity?


Asana practice

The Yoga classes that I teach and attend are mainly focused on doing physical exercises. I believe that Yoga is a practice that entails more than the asana practice that we do: the practice of physical postures. The psychical exercises are meant to strengthen the physical body and to prepare our body for those moments of sitting still whilst doing a breathing exercise and/or a meditation. I find that the Yoga classes in the West often focus on the physical practice and not on the other healing parts of the practice of Yoga. Now why is that?


Yoga Traditions

I went looking for some answers and I came across the book ‘Yoga Body’ from Mark Singleton and his article on the history of Yoga on It made clear to me that the Yoga that we practice today only has a minor link to the Yoga that was practiced in India. I think we would like it to have a direct link to the Yoga traditions in India, only in reality it is all less exotic as we would like it to be perhaps. What I understood from Singleton’s article? The Yoga practice that we do in the West is strongly linked to the fitness culture that already existed in the West and it is a combination of the Yoga that existed in India and the gymnastics that we already practiced in the West. Now how ‘bad’ is that?


Yoga is an experimental practice!’,
James Higgins. 


Healthy body

The Yoga that we do in the West makes our bodies leaner, fitter and stronger and that is perfectly OK. Now the question of course is, does it bring us more than a healthy body? Can it also, like I state on my home page, aid us in getting a healthier frame of mind and a happier heart? James Higgins, one of my favourite Yoga teachers once said: ‘Yoga is an experimental practice!’. And I know by experience that Yoga has supported me a great deal. After almost each practice I feel thé Yoga glow. That is also why I choose to continue practicing, but I find that it only has a long lasting effect on me when I practice almost daily for at least 30 minutes.


Yoga works

How does Yoga work exactly? Now our bodies are incredibly complicated and miraculous at the same time and it takes a lifetime to fully understand it, at least that is what I believe. Therefore out of personal interest and for my work as a Yoga teacher, I keep on studying and learning about the effects of Yoga. I know Yoga works, but I believe everybody should experiment for themselves. The way I see it; Yoga once started as one big experiment. The practice as we know it today and the way we apply the tool of Yoga, keeps evolving too, just like we do ourselves. Let our practice therefore evolve with us and let us adapt our practice to our needs.


Can Yoga heal us?

What do you think?


  • Can Yoga heal you?
  • Can Yoga Yoga calm you down?
  • Can Yoga soothe your overstressed body, mind and heart?
  • Can Yoga heal you from daily impulses, sounds and their effects?
  • Can Yoga be a Natural Cure for Sound Sensitivity?


I know Yoga keeps me sane. I can already share with you that taking the time to go for long early morning walks and doing long Yin Yoga practices help me enormously with soothing my often tense and overwhelmed body, mind and heart. Let’s find out what we can do to let ‘Yoga’ heal us and our overwhelmed systems!


Your Sensitive to Sounds story?

What natural cure have you found for your sound sensitivity? Tell me your story:


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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