Whether we believe in the Energy Wheels (chakras) in our body or not, we can use the related topics in daily life. Let’s see the themes as reminders to increase our awareness regarding a certain topic. Let’s apply this Yoga wisdom to give our life a boost of positive energy. We can all use that, don’t you think? Ready? Let’s move on to boost your energy!


Energy wheel

Every energy wheel is said to have a specific function and an energy that can manifest itself in a positive or negative form. The energy that flows through the energy wheel is said to be a physical energy and the energy can have an impact on how we feel.


Let’s use the themes related to the seven enegry wheels to boost your energy.
From root to crown:


  1. Shape your life
  2. Flow with life
  3. Increase your self-respect
  4. How to let love rule?
  5. How to speak up?
  6. Trust your inner wisdom
  7. How to get inspired?


Day-to-day tips

In all the various blogs on the different energy wheels tips are given on how to deal with all kinds of themes in daily life. I like keeping the topic of energy down-to-earth and hopefully the day-to-day tips will give you some useful guidance. Enjoy trying out the various tips to boost your energy.


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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© This blog is inspired by a book from Margot Anand ‘Tantrische Liefde; Chakra’s openen en de weg naar extase’ (Tantric Love).

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