Let’s shine a light on what is truly important to you. What would you like to dedicate your energy to? What would you like to reinforce? But also what would you like to finish and say goodbye to? What behavior would you like to change? Time to choose: ‘What will you do and what will you stop doing?’. In short, how to always be yourself?


What makes you unique?

You are who you are. What you do and how you do it is determined by what you value. What makes you unique is the way you give substance to your values. Is the life that you are leading the life you are wishing to lead? Do your life values match the activities that you are undertaking? They say that the period of a full moon, is the perfect time to finish certain activities, projects and relationships. So that by the time the new moon arrives you will have created space for new initiatives. Thus let’s make sure we ALL match our new activities with our most important life values, so that we will start leading the life we are wishing to lead.


Norms and values

How do you choose the norms and values that best describe you? Try the following:


  • Google ‘Norms and Values’ or ‘List of Values’ for example.
  • Use my download which is a summary of everything I found online: Values.
  • Find a list that you would like to work with.
  • Choose 20 values that suit you best.
  • Write them down on 20 pieces of paper.
  • Turn them around so that you can’t see the words.
  • Now pick two cards and read them. Which ones describes you best?
  • Keep the best options and put the other options away.
  • Do this with all the other cards as well until you have a top 10.
  • Do the same trick again with the last 10 cards, until you have your top 5.



Look at the choices that you’ve made in the last couple of weeks.

  • Determine where you are now on your life’s path.
  • Are you on track or not?
  • What do you do in a day, week or month?
  • Do these activities match your values?


Top 5 of Values

Look at the top 5 of values that you have just created with the ‘Norms and Values’ exercise and that describe you best. Now let’s evaluate it.


  • Does what you do match with what you stand for?
  • Yes? Great, because this gives a lot of fulfillment.
    • If not, what needs to be changed?
    • If yes, what can you reinforce?
  • In case everything matches: go live your life :)!
  • Stop sitting in the ‘waiting room’, go and live your life.


You are who you are and the better the match between your values and your activities, the easier it will be for people to truly see you and acknowledge you for who you are. It will also be so much easier for you to live your life, because you will then be expressing yourself much more clearly and profoundly through the things you say and do. Thus it is time to start evaluating your values and activities.


Make better choices

When you would like to change what needs to be changed and what also can be changed, you will have to make choices. How can you make better choices?


  • Let go of what no longer works. How? Finish it and just stop doing it.
  • Acknowledge what does work. Say it out loud.
  • Determine what you find important. Write it down and make it visible.
  • Choose how you wish to lead your life. Who are you, what do you do and why do you do it?
  • Try staying on track by reminding yourself daily of your most important values.
  • Let your life values determine your goals, and thus your actions.


Really, do make decisions based on your values! What do you find important and what options suits your values best? I for example love living a free life. This means working when I feel like it and resting when I need to and want to. That is why I work as a Yoga teacher and coach, so I can work anywhere and anytime. Spend your energy on what you would love to spend it on. Nurture it. Stop wasting time on things you don’t like doing or don’t like talking about. Do what you want to do and let go of all the other stuff.


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


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