Well simply put we can create more abundance, by seeing the abundance around us that has already been manifested. Only all too often we want more and more. We would like to do more, create more, accomplish more, be more. Is this attitude of wanting more supporting us in seeing the abundance in our life? No. It makes us focus on what we haven’t got yet, instead of what is already present. So how can we approach this differently? Find out more about abundant living.



When we looked at the ‘yamas’ we learned that it is all about finding a balance in order to make good choices. What do we truly need? Know that everything else is just luxury basically. It all is about being modest and content. It is about finding a balance between what is truly needed and neediness. I translate neediness as eagerness. The question ‘How to create more abundance?’ comes down to ‘How can we be more content?’. It might sound less attractive, but it is not. Can we be less eager? Also can we be less needy? And can we simply be happy with what we have present in our life already?


‘People in the West are always getting ready to live’[i],
Chinese Proverb.


Needs and wishes

From several workshops with James Higgins I learned that all too often we look at the world around us. We question ourselves. We look outside ourselves for what can only be found in ourselves. The only way to find contentment, is to look within. Like James taught us: ‘There is so much beauty within us’. He told us to find more silent time, time on our own to reflect on our deepest needs and wishes. Do you know yours? That is where we can find contenment.


Silent time

He explained to us that we all too often focus on the world around us, the world we can see: the visual world. Only there is also a spiritual world. In this world we can get to know our spirit and that means we will have to look inside and we need to spend a lot of time there. As much as we can. We need silent time to do that.


I am sure you know this too. Only why don’t we take this silent time to get to know our own soul? Are we afraid of feeling alone? Are we afraid of missing out? Do we feel uncomfortable being on our own for perhaps 10 minutes a day? Have we forgotten to be content with our own company?



Personally I love being on my own. I love wandering through the park and woods and let my mind run freely. It also during those moments of day-dreaming that I get the best ideas and insights which then support me again to create the life I’d like to live. Being on my own is my way to recharge and to feel content. What else to I do to feel calm, content and to become aware of the abundance of my life? These are my tips!


Find abundance

This is how: live now. Find abundance now.


What …

  • is already present in your life today?
  • is already good about your life today?
  • are you grateful for today?


Write it ALL down daily, weekly, monthly; anchor it down onto paper!


We are often focussing on what isn’t present yet, simply turn it around. See it and name and it be thankful for it. Open up your eyes and become aware of what deserves your full attention.



How can you give yourself and others full recognition and find fulfilment? This is how:


  • Look inside to find fulfilment.
  • Don’t avoid unpleasant feelings, listen to them.
    • What have they got to say?
    • What direction do they want you to move?
  • Don’t strive for perfection. It doesn’t exist. Acknowledge what has been made possible already.
  • Don’t look to the outside world, look within. Who lives there? Get to know each other!


‘There is no escape: we can always trace our emotional disturbances back to ourselves.
We keep ourselves out of contentment’[ii].


Thus what can we do to be more content and acknowledge the abundance in our life? Stop searching for it. Look around you and within you to see and realise what is present already. Appreciate yourself for who you are today. Fall in love with life and celebrate its precious moments of beauty: ‘Life is complete the way it comes to you in each moment. When we understand this, we sink into contentment’[iii].


How to slow down? Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


Yin Yoga with Marianne

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©This blog is inspired by a book from Deborah Adele: The Yamas and Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice.


[i] The Yamas and Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, Deborah Adele.
[ii] The Yamas and Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, Deborah Adele.
[iii] The Yamas and Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, Deborah Adele.

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