Relieve yourself from daily stress.
Slow down with me.
Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.


I’d love to look at your coaching questions with you and work together to find your answers. Read on to find out what we can do together and perhaps also look at my blog on Coaching Yoga Teachers in case you work as a Yoga teacher.


Yoga + Coaching

For me Yoga Coaching means that I can coach you on how to apply Yoga in your daily life and on how to build your own practice. It can also mean that we use Yoga-, breathing- and meditation exercises to slow you down to calm and balance your body, heart and mind before we look at a question that keeps you busy. It can also mean that we use various coaching tools to work with a question that holds your attention or it can mean coaching you in your profession as a Yoga teacher. What it comes down to is: I am here for you! Tell me your health & vitality goals and we will make a plan accordingly!


Receiving guidance

How will I approach your coaching questions so you can start receiving more guidance? By listening to you and giving back to you what I have heard you say, by reflecting together on what is happening inside of you and by talking about it. Additionally we can use coaching tools like Yin Yoga, Breathing exercises and Guided Self-Inquiry Meditations to look within. As a result you will have more clarity, understanding and focus. You will learn how to use your previous experiences, gained knowledge and strength to move forward.


Process of coaching

To me the process of coaching is just like the Yoga classes that I guide people through. I teach the person who is in front of me based on his/her needs. I don’t teach a plan. So …imagine this.


We meet and we first sit still. We focus on our breath, so we can tune into the body, mind and heart. We allow ourselves to become present within each other’s company.


We will then quietly look at what question is keeping you busy that specific day in relationship to your coaching questions. Imagine me asking you: “What is alive in you TODAY?”. That will be our starting point each time we meet.


I have no clear steps in mind and the way we will look at your questions will differ each time. I see it as a process and I’d like it to unfold as it does each time we meet. Just like in a Yoga class. At the end of our sessions it will be like the start. We sit still again and we tune in again. Then we quietly say inside of ourselves:'” This is it for TODAY”.


Setting the space

What is my personal background and how can I support you? The recurring theme in my CV is teaching. Teaching to me means setting the space for people to learn and grow as a person. I have a background in Communication on Strategic Change Management, I taught English to (young) adults, I wrote English language and study course materials and I worked as a guidance counsellor. I also have been teaching Yoga since 2010 and I have (co-) founded several Yoga related online platforms.


Coaching and personal development

My personal process of coaching and personal development started when I was 20 years old. I am 40 now (2018). I know what is feels like to have therapy and to be coached. I am also being coached at the moment and I see it as an ongoing and important process to grow as a person.


I have followed cognitive therapy, psychotherapy and haptonamy (hapto-therapy) and I know what it feels like to be dealing with challenges like depression, burn-out, fear of failure, fear of losing someone and being assertive. The therapies and coaching sessions have supported me immensely. I have grown so much and I’d only feel like learning more and I wish the same to you: personal growth!


Just one thing a day

What do I personally believe in about personal growth? You can live your dream life. You need to feel that spark about wanting to move forward. Then you need to have a vision and create a plan and you do one thing a day to achieve your goals. Just one thing a day!


Would you like to meet-up?

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