Sit down and take some time to browse through the blogs and insights on Yoga and personal development that we would love to share with you. Let Yin Yoga, in combination with the coaching blogs, be a tool to develop yourself. You can also let me be your Yoga Coach.


Develop yourself

You might wonder how Yoga is linked to personal development. We believe you can develop yourself by using our online (video) tools. In addition, our blogs coach you and help you to regain focus on the things that matter the most. We have experienced that the meditative practice of Yin Yoga is a great tool to slow ourselves down and to (re-)connect to ourselves. This connection is needed to truly be able to observe and answer the following, recurring question:


What is alive in me today, right now?



Only by observing can we re-connect. Yin Yoga offers a perfect way to do just that. We put our body in various shapes and we wait, we sit still and we see what is happening. We learn and teach to see what is happening inside us with curious and non-judging eyes. The funny thing is, answers often come as soon as we sit still. Can it be that easy? Yes!


Inspiring blogs

Most of the blogs are based on Marianne’s own experiences and on all of the wisdom she was able to receive from great teachers in real life or through their words online and on paper. This resulted in all kinds of short motivational stories about Yoga and personal development. Even more so we hope that these inspiring blogs can support you in your life off the Yoga mat. We will be honest, we still find different ways to use the tools that we offer. In this process of trial and error, we find what we want to adopt in our lives or not. It has to feel good and appropriate for it to work.


Let the blogs guide and support you in your life. They will show you how you can live more mindful. It is also about becoming and staying flexible, healthy and happy in your mind and heart, and not just your body. In short, everything in the blogs has been tried and tested in real life. Now you can try it too. Do It Yourself (DIY) now!


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Become a Do-It-Yourself Yogi and create true freedom. Practice anywhere, anytime and at your own pace.

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