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You can become a co-creator of our work. How? Become an active investor in your own flexibility and happiness. How? Choose with what amount you’d like to support us. Your donation makes it possible for us to continue our work in this world!


Creating True Freedom

We support you in creating true freedom. How? We offer you all kinds of exercises, tips and tricks on Yoga, Breathing, Meditation and Self-Coaching. We guide you in applying all of these tools. Eventually, you can practice anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. As a result you will become and stay flexible, healthy and happy in body, mind and heart.


Make Us All Happy

It is proven that sharing and giving something to someone else makes us happier than spending it all on ourselves. Now we don’t say you should start giving away all that you have. However, we do believe that the world will become a happier place when we are all paid to do what we are good at.



The donations that we receive from you keep us energised and focused to keep on doing our work. In exchange for your donations we ensure that we will keep you energized by providing you with plenty of exercises. In addition, we will use the donations to hire other skilful souls.


Become Our Co-Creator

Are you ready to join us? Follow the steps below and become an active investor in your own flexibility and happiness. If you’d like to support us financially, you can transfer money directly onto our team’s bank account. 


Yin Yoga with Marianne
TRIONL2U (Swift code)
NL 37 TRIO 0379 3086 57 (Iban)
Triodos, The Netherlands, Amsterdam


Sponsor Us

  • Sponsor us and do so by going here: PayPal_Me.
  • Add the amount you’d like to sponsor us with and add 10% for PayPal fees.
  • Press ‘Send’ and it is done!


BIG Thank You

Do send us an e-mail. Let’s know why you like supporting us. How will we thank you? We will share your story online if you like and we will for sure mention your name in our Social Media as a BIG thank you for your support to us all.


Any other questions?

Contact us at when you have any other questions and/or read our guidelines and values and find out what we stand for.


Blogs on Yoga & Spiritual Development

Browse through my blogs on Yoga & Spiritual Development.
Use the gained wisdom to develop yourself whilst being on and off the Yoga mat.


Join Us

Join us on YouTube and become our co-creator too.
Book a Yoga and/or Coaching session with me, Marianne.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Yin Yoga with Marianne

Slow yourself down in a world full of impulses and sounds and relieve yourself from daily stress.

How to slow down?
Simply take a break
and do Yin Yoga.
Sit still. Stretch.
Breathe. Continue.

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