Improve your quality of life & relieve yourself from daily stress. How? Slow down. Simply take a break and do Yin Yoga.

I will show you how!

Sit still. Stretch. Breathe. Continue.

Yin Yoga with Marianne offers ways to slow down. Try natural remedies to improve your quality of life and to relieve yourself from daily stress caused by the constant flow of impulses, sounds and their effects. With clear instruction videos containing Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises you will learn how to best guide yourself towards flexibility and happiness.This is what I call true freedom.


Yes, I'd like to know more!

Relieve yourself from daily stress. Slow down with me.

Try my natural remedies to relieve yourself from daily stress and slow down with me:


Feel peaceful and rested

Feel connected and rejoiced

Feel nourished and inspired

Feel calm and balanced

Use my online tools

Yin Yoga Exercises

Gentle and slow stretches
for the whole body
to (re-)gain flexibility.

Breathing Exercises

Quick and easy tips
to use the breath to
relieve stress and anxiety.

Meditation Exercises

Quick and easy meditation
tips to calm the mind
and to relieve mental tension.

Coaching Exercises

Book a Coaching session
to guide yourself
towards more clarity.

Let me guide you!


Quick and easy exercises


Clear instructions


All levels and ages


Certified instructor


Soothing voice


Quiet presence


High Quality Material


High Definition Videos (4K)

We believe that the more flexible your body feels; the healthier your frame of mind will be;

and the happier your heart will become. That’s it and that’s all.

Meet our crew

Marianne de Kuyper

Wouter de Kuyper

We, Marianne & Wouter are the co-founders of Yin Yoga with Marianne. We work together with other skilful souls like Bram van den Reijen. Our mutual wish? We believe it becomes more and more important to slow ourselves down.

Only when we slow down, there is space for reflection and to become more mindful about what we do. We believe that when we live life in a slower pace, we can actually manage to find happiness daily and not in a distant future.

We truly hope that we can change the world as a community. We would like us all to be able to live more peacefully.

Connect with yourself through Yin Yoga and Spiritual Development.

Re-find what is important to you in YOUR life.

It has worked for us. We hope it will work for you too!

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